2009 Lexus LX570 Photo Gallery: Out in the Wilderness

2009 Lexus LX570 Hills

There are some tight & twisty roads in my area, and this first set of Lexus LX 570 photos are taken at the only stop on one of my favorites:

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The LX 570 engine roared climbing some of the massive hills, like driving the world’s smoothest, best handling tank.




  2. To better understand the progress of Lexus vehicles, would you mind comparing the LX 570 to your LS 400, putting aside their great differences?
    (e.g. Many people say that the steering is light for an SUV, but is it as light as your LS?)

  3. And wow… those photographers that Lexus hired for the LX 570 press photos really… suck.

  4. wow krew these are great. better than most of the website photos. LOL nice job! a non-Lexus fan would think this was for a hybrid but we know better smile we are of the brotherhood wink

  5. Wallpaper for Image #2, #5, #8, #9, #11, and #12 please! LOL

  6. Extremely professional photography.

  7. The more time I spent with the LX 570, the better feel I had—the steering is quite heavy at low speeds, but then is entirely comparable to my LS at 30-40 mph. (Actually, my LS power steering pump is acting up, the LX actually handled better.) wink

  8. I haven’t forgotten about this, things have just been hectic. I’ll do my best to post the wallpapers this weekend. smile

  9. Thanks!