Lexus LFA Concept in Next Need for Speed Video Game

Video game fans will be getting a chance to test-drive the Lexus LFA in the new Need for Speed SHIFT—here are some screenshots:

Lexus LFA in New Need for Speed Video Game

Lexus LFA in New Need for Speed Video Game

Based on the 2007 LFA II Concept, this virtual supercar will be one of 65 vehicles in the next NFS when it’s released in September.

(Also, Gran Turismo 5, the long awaited racing game for the Playstation 3, can also be expected to feature the LFA, as it was one of the sponsors of the supercar in the recent Nürburgring races.)

(Thanks mtema99!)



  1. omg wow im gonna buy this the day it comes out LOL

  2. wow

    waiting for both

    NFS for PC & Laptop

    GT5 for Play station 3

  3. hehe

    i think i can not buy it any way here

  4. That is one devil of car!

  5. i’ll send it to you, you send me the money wink

  6. Finally a reason for me to buy a PS3! ... Well this and Grand Theft Auto Series.

  7. ... I also forgot to mention the Gran Turismo franchise as well.

    Does anyone know if the LF-A will be in GT5? I believe the IS-F will be in it.

  8. that’s the problem

    i can sell my GSh with around $250,000 and can add $50,000

    but taxes in egypt ‘ll make me add around $2.5Mil

    because it is exotic car category

  9. I found that first pic before, where did you get the second one? I couldn’t find it on the website, but thanks for posting it here!

    By the way, where did you hear that the LFA will be in Gran Turismo 5? I cannot wait for the full version of that game to be released. Seems like forever.

  10. @Wunko: I found the second image on the NFS blog.

    As for the LFA being in the GT5—that’s an assumption on my part, as they were a major sponsor of the LFA during the Nürburgring races.

  11. I bought a PS3 instead of an Xbox, and this is the first time in a while that I’m happy about it. wink


    lexus-lf-a-2008-image.jpg width=450

  13. lol
    That early mule was what that rendering you posted last time was based on. Enzo/Murcielago-esk.

    I just wish Lexus would make it sleek and beautiful and sexy… not bland… and not unique in a way that it’s weird.

  14. Yeah, that photo was published in early 2008, and I’d say it’s even older than that. No way the LFA looks like that.


  15. Actually, every single car in the race had the Gran Turismo logo on the windshield.  I think they were a race sponsor, therefore every entry was required to wear the advertisement.  Unless I’m missing somewhere, where they had a special sponsorship with Team Gazoo and not anyone else on the side.  That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the LF-A did make it into GT-5 and/or Forza 3.