Lexus Belgium Hybrid Live Concert Contest

Lexus Belgium is holding a very unique contest—choose two Dutch musicians from a group of seven, try to get as many votes for your grouping as possible, and you could win a private concert from your two selections—a concert that is piped through the sound system of a Lexus RX 450h:

Reminds me of the LS 460 symphony orchestra (which stands as one of my favorite promotions yet)—my choices would be Akro and Leki & the Sweet Mints.

The Hybrid Live Belgium contest winners will be announced August 15th, and no, they don’t get to keep the RX450h after their private concert.

(Enter at



  1. heh i actually found this to be interesting, i wasnt expecting much.

  2. the cool thing is you can win a private hybrid concert by your favourite two artists on board the new 450h.
    How ‘bout that for unique!

  3. wow thats cool! heh wonder if they pick you up and take you there LOL

  4. yep they do,