Lotus to use Lexus LFA V10 in Upcoming Supercar?

Lotus to use Lexus V8 V10 Engines?

While catching up on last week’s news, one interesting story that popped up was from EVO—apparently, Lotus may use Lexus engines in their upcoming Esprit supercar:

The new Lotus Esprit, due in 2012, could be powered by the high-revving, 500bhp V10 engine from the as yet unlaunched Lexus LF-A…This brings the prospect of a flagship, £100K-plus Esprit powered by the compact, 8500rpm V10 – a supercar to take on the Lamborghini Gallardo – as well as a slightly more affordable version powered by the 5-litre, 417bhp V8 from the Lexus IS-F and an entry-level model with a 300bhp Lotus-tuned direct-injection Toyota V6.

Considering that Toyota is already supplying the engines for the Elise and Exige and that Lotus was once rumored to be involved in the LFA’s suspension development, the idea that Lexus might supply Lotus with their F-tuned engines isn’t really a stretch. The bigger question is: should they?

It could be argued that Lexus should keep their IS-F V8 and LFA V10 to themselves, but given the fact that Lexus is expected to lose money on every LFA sale, any way to balance the books has to be viewed as a good thing.

[Source: EVO]



  1. Toyota also provides a 276hp version of the 3.5L 2GR for use in the Lotus Evora.

  2. yup

    but i donno why lotus didn’t take the 3.5L found in Crown/GS&IS; which out 306 instead of that out 276

  3. doesnt seem so weird considering their history with eachother

  4. It’ll be cool if they give Lexus a little praise and have a chrome Lexus badge on the engine just as Pagani puts a Mercedes badge on their Mercedes engine.

    One question is… how much development would Lotus put into the engine?

  5. i still dont really get what they mean when they say Lexus will lose money on every LFA sold?

  6. I think because the 276hp version is basically the version found in the ES 350 and Camry, and is thus already adapted for mounting transversely.

  7. Think Bugatti Veyron 16.4

  8. i got your point

  9. i think zero

    the engine already 4.8 with 550 hp

    what tuning or development they ‘ll need more than that???

  10. Jesse Steinberg

    pretty cool, thats nice that Lotus and Lexus/Toyota work together on the engines. Now for Lotus to do some tuning on the handling of some cars wink I love Lotus it sucks that I can’t really drive standard sad

  11. This is due to the exceptional cost of developing the LFA—selling only 500 units means that Lexus won’t come close to recouping the money spent in designing and building the supercar.

  12. I used to drive standard fifteen years ago, but fell out of the habit—I’ve been retraining on my father-in-law’s Mini. Fun, but honestly, I prefer the Sport mode options.

  13. but they say that if they found that the LFA gain some potential from buyers

    the no. of 500 units ‘ll make it a production annual model

  14. ah i see the bugatti veyron thing made it more clear…this makes me feel better knowing mercedes is gonna lose money with the slr greenmoss >:D