Lexus HS 250h US Sales Expectations

Lexus HS250h

Lexus USA has their sights set on selling 25,000 HS 250h a year, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

25,000 units, or approximately 2,083 per month, would put the HS 250h just below the IS lineup in current sales, and is down from the initial expectation of 30,000 units sold given at January’s Detroit auto show. Yet, even with the reduced numbers, there’s a possibility this may be too high an estimate:

“Given where fuel prices are likely to be later this year, 25,000 sounds pretty optimistic,” said Jack Nerad, executive market analyst at Kelley Blue Book, an Irvine, California-based automotive research firm. “Without fuel prices that are consistently higher, it’s hard to know the true size of the hybrid market.”

It’s always difficult to gauge how a new vehicle, especially one as unique as the HS, will do in the market. During the hybrid sedan’s development, gas prices climbed to unbelievable heights, yet the US economic crash saw gas drop 40% in cost—and took the HS’ primary selling point down with it. Whether or not this will take its toll on HS sales remains to be seen.

[Source: Bloomberg]



  1. While all hybrid sales are down, gas prices seem to be going up again, rose a good $.50 in the past 2 months

  2. I got my “mine.” magazines a few days ago!
    I love the RX advertisements - so personalized. They’d use your personal address in one of them and your name printed on another, and the articles are always the best ones.

    I can’t wait for the next issue!

  3. ive gotten two already. in many ways its a waste of money, brief mention of actual lexus vehicles. its like the [now] discountinued lexus magazine. all about how a lexus owner can live it up, and not much about cars

  4. im gonna have to say 1,800/ month

  5. Yeah I’m gonna miss Lexus Magazine, although it was more lifestyle than cars it was well produced—it will live online though.

    As for the HS 250h, I wonder if attention spans are that short, the high gas prices don’t seem that long ago IMO.  I think that fed a change in thinking.

  6. are the prices for the HS 250h out yet? if the price is “hot” i think the HS could be a big winner for Lexus…

  7. not yet…people are expecting mid 30s though.

  8. mid 30s? i could be wrong… but i fear that´s a little bit too much for this - no doubt - nice car. Still, for me a ES hybrid sedan is the key for Lexus when they wonna be able to sell hybrid sedans in big numbers.

  9. I can’t think of a single reason the HS is being released before an ES hybrid. You’re right, it would be an instant best-seller.

  10. yes, it would have been much simpler to make an ES hybrid insead of spending so much R&D into the HS

  11. It’s definitely a mystery to me.

  12. the pricing of the HS just got released, the msrp is gonna be $33K, basically in IS and ES territory.

  13. Sorry, but that $33K figure is just an educated guess from a journalist or two. As of this writing (Saturday 13 June) Lexus has still NOT released Lexus HS pricing.