Autobild Comparison: Lexus LS 600h vs. Mercedes S400 Hybrid

Lexus LS600h vs. Mercedes S400 Hybrid

Usually, when a German magazine compares a Lexus to a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, the results are laughable, but Autobild proves the exception with their comparison of the Lexus LS 600h against the new Mercedes S400 Hybrid (forgive the poor Google translation):

The six-cylinder in the S 400 always feels rough and uncultured, it swallows that he restrained driving little more than some four-cylinder…Especially getting used to, the brake, despite the longer path and higher pedal pressure seems strangely insensitive.

The first series of car trusts S400 hybrid to particularly efficient lithium-ion batteries, which Toyota does not even hold for production. The nickel-Metal hybrid batteries Lexus V8 in terms of energy density, efficiency, weight and space of the Mercedes-inferior solution.

With the S400 being Mercedes’ first hybrid, there’s sure to be a need for some refinement, and some roughness has to be expected.

The only other article with these two vehicles didn’t even really try to compare them, which makes sense considering the £16,577 cost difference of the LSh over the S400. They might be the same size, but they’re pointed at opposite ends of the segment.

[Source: Autobild (Translated to English)]



  1. the Lex is more on the luxurious side?

  2. in my eyes it makes no sence to compare a V8 5.0L 445hp hybrid against a V6 3.5L 272hp mild-hybrid car. The MB has no E-Mode like the Lexus. for example

  3. I’ve always like Lexus’ idea to use hybrid technology to make the car almost an AMG type competitor. Gives you power with efficiency. The problem is that Lexus is bringing out the F series, so in reality his LS600h should be an LSF, the hybrids should remain for cars like the HS and RX hybrid where it’s for fuel economy, the F series could use hybrid technology but it should still be designated F

  4. Totally agree. A better technical comparison would be the GS 450h against the S400, but then that’s entirely different segments.

    Too bad we’ll see plenty of comparisons between the LSh and S400 in the coming months.

  5. It gets complicated—I’d like to see a V6/hybrid LS, personally—but then I can also see the LS600hL as a F-model once it loses some weight.

    Definitely be interesting to see how Lexus plays it.

  6. Do not stress, with the Autobild magazine. I’m from Spain and this magazine has a very bad reputation around here, that is crystal clear who pays for the articles, “German??”
    In this magazine, they will never say anything nice about a Lexus, or Japanese car
    they will be afraid to Lexus??

  7. I agree hybrids are too heavy to be considered a true performance car. At least for right now. Perhaps in the future with new technology they will figure out a way to reduce the weight to better compete with AMG and M.

  8. let’s face it

    by any way

    lexus is the winner

  9. i got one GS450h in egypt

    after the taxes & customs

    i found my self paying near to 2 MIl egyptian pound

    which is around $360 Grand US


  10. What Lexus should do is fiddle around with their EV, Eco, and Power modes even more.

  11. they should stop comparing v6 and v8 hybrids…they’re like a completely different class all their own. the point is Lexus won, as expected. i wouldn’t be too happy on seeing a v6 LS…i guess the two V6s we have now are enough for me. im looking forward to the LSF alot, a real competitor among the S65 amg and the brabus b7…even the upcoming m7. now, if they made an E350 hybrid, the GS would have some competition.

  12. My friend told me once that when you see some lexus vs audi vs mercedes vs bmw you have to just flip the magazine around in order to get the positions right. then Lexus that is on the last place turns out to be the #1 and the rest adjusts.

    Autobild was never really neutral concerning the Japanese automakers. in fact I believe that they are somewhat(no, extremely fits better) nationalist in that aspect…

    One of my privileges is speaking Russian and I love the reviews from them- they are less biased due to not having a decent autoindustry like the Germans and there you get the really good reviews about lexus.

    Some day the Germans will wake up and realize that Lexus snatched it all from them…

  13. Wow—$360k for a GS 450h? Great vehicle, but that’s an extraordinary price. I imagine you’re the only one of them on the road though. smile

  14. Nationalism seems to be a common trait in the German magazines, which I find it strange. It’s not like Mercedes, BMW or Audi needs the help in winning comparisons.

  15. yup

    honestly i see one to two lexus @ max in the streets every total month

    the people here oriented to BMW & MB for luxury cars
    and Hyundai , Kia , Fiat , Tofas , Lada & mitsubishi for mainstream

    toyota , honda , ford , volkswagen & Chevrolet come as a high end mainstream or a low priced luxury

    for example the 4 cylinder RAV4 cost near $100,000 and if you just crossed the borders right to KSA or left to Libya or above to palestine & Israel or down to sudan you can get the v6 engine with not more than $30,000

  16. even if they made a Japanese car magazine, they wouldn’t praise the ISF anywhere near as much as the GT-R…

  17. The Merc’ is by fare more beautiful than the Lexus! It’s drive better to.. I cant’t understand why somebody can be in love with Lexus cars… no historie, the design is bad, copy a bit from Mercedes, a bit from BMW It’s just a copycat… sorry lexuspeople, you have some really bad taste!

  18. gary, go get ran over by your ugly a#@ german cars and get your a#% out of here before i start yelling.

  19. more beautiful? you must be smoking. Lexus copies benz?! ha! that S(tupid)400 hybrid ripped off the IS headlights. the (b)roken (m)etal (w)aste 7 series ripped off almost everything off the LS. and it does not drive better. and i know that you don’t know because.. hmm… ITS NOT OUT YET?

  20. Gary P
    First, you have not provided any information to corroborate what you say. To aesthetic tastes, are very subjective.
    Where you see that an LS is similar to a mercedes?
    In Spain there are two types of customers that buy a Mercedes, Audi or BMW.
    First: people what we really like and can pay it “the least”
    And 2nd: the redneck`s that when make some money, buy a Mercedes because they do not have one iota of personality, only money.
    For the latter MB made cars that cost 150.000 $ with diesel engines, so that do not forget their dear tractors.

  21. You obviously have no information regarding cars, LEXUSaddict, you judge a car by its appearance and say Lexus is better than mercedes? Think again! Go research and find out which car has more reliabiliy, better MPG, all of the above then reply to this. First of Lexus copies all brand cars, everybody knows that.

  22. No its not. Not even close. Lexus always try to be like Mercedes/BMW/Audi but they try and not come close. Go check out the reviews in YouTube and see for urself.

  23. Go show me a Lexus that has gone more than 1,000,000 miles, Go show me a Lexus that is just not in USA and JAPAN, show me a Lexus that can go past 235MPH without any mods…..N O N E!!!

  24. Shut up.

  25. Hater.

  26. Haha. Total hater.

    Take it somewhere else, Stevo.

  27. pfft BWAHAHAHA!!! Lexus copies all brands oh thats a good one…ha! no car is more reliable than a Lexus, especially ure little cheap plastic mercedes benz. u get like what, wood bark on that piece o’ s***? unwashed wood bark? that dogs mark territory on? freakin shaved cow hides instead of leather? better mpg? ha oh this is too funny for me to get mad at XD! how cute, that this little child comes along and says that his trashy benz is better than Lexus. ha! like any1 drives 1,000,000 miles on a car? thats right, people who cant afford those overpriced german metal scraps called mercedes.

  28. 1.) nobody drives a car with more than 200k miles if they dont have to. why? well why should they? 1,000,000 miles? of course no Lexus has 1,000,000 miles get real Lexus drivers actually LIKE THEIR CARS enough to GET NEW ONES THAT COST MORE THAN THEIR HOUSE TO HAVE LEATHER IN THEM, MR. AMG LOVER.
    2.) so u want a Lexus outside of USA and Japan? Lexus has a European site, for what, imaginary cars? btw meet mtema 99, he’s in Egypt, he’s rich enough to own a Lexus there. that means EGYPT = OUT OF USA AND JAPAN.
    3.) a Lexus over 235mph? and just how many mercedes have that? thats right…2..and theyve been around for 150 years. Lexus? 20 years. something tells me mercedes didnt have cars over 235mph in their first 20 years. actually…their first 140 FREAKIN YEARS.
    so if u will, go back to kissing your barbie brand plastic cars.

  29. ROFL youtube? how cute, little child.

  30. And with that, I’m shutting this down.