Autoblog Reviews the 2010 Lexus HS 250h

2010 Lexus HS250h Rear

Autoblog has published an absolutely fantastic review of the 2010 Lexus HS 250h, full of new information and details—and it also tells a different tale in terms of how the hybrid handles:

The steering rack is not mounted on rubber bushings to keep the line of feedback undulled, and the electric power steering is speed sensitive. If you get the Touring Package, the suspension is tuned for even sportier handling. And if the truth be known, the package added up to a car that we thought handled better than the rear-drive IS Convertible. In fact, we drove them back-to-back just to make sure.

There’s also some neat little details:

The steering wheel buttons are touch sensitive, so that when you rest your finger on one, it appears dimly in the HUD display, and is illuminated if you actually press it.

An infrared-cut, acoustic glass windshield that reduces IR waves by 30%, and side glass with a water-repellent coating for better wet weather visibility and defrosting.

This is as in-depth a review as I’ve ever seen, and very enjoyable to read. A bunch of cool photos too, including this one of the HS 250h’s DOHC 2.4-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine:

Lexus HS250h Engine

[Source: Autoblog] (Thanks Oranji & kingdomkid)



  1. Check out the shifter gate in those pictures…it makes an “h”. Nice attention to detail!

  2. Great catch!

    And here’s an interesting thought.
    My LS 400 isn’t a new hybrid. It’s a 1998 vehicle with more than 180,000 miles, yet it manages to travel the freeways, managing 30+ mpg at 80mph (Cruise control helps, but driving like a robot through an empty freeway isn’t a necessity to achieve such a high mileage.)

  3. ...or it as stolen off the 2gen prius. also makes an H

    PriusEngineBraking_0138.jpg width=450

  4. They both remind me of the gearshift stalk on the steering columns of the previous generation 7-series and then the S-class in how they operate.

  5. Ahh, also a nice catch.

  6. I was in an ‘08 BMW 535i the other day with the plastic/ electronic shifter and wasn’t impressed. It was like the rest of their interiors moving bits: plasticy, cheap, and not in any way smooth. I hope Toyota/ Lexus at least makes the shifter feel like a quality piece. I have confidence; the rest of their interiors are usually top notch and buttery smooth.

  7. Funny, I drove a 525i recently and thought the same thing—after I gushed about the driving experience. The headliner in particular was awful, looked like t-shirt material.

  8. I liked the photo of the HS power button:

    Lexus HS250h Power button

  9. Love it

  10. I too noticed the textile like headliner of the 5-series, not at all suited to a luxury car. Similar headliner material is seen in base S-class models, though you do get suede in higher models. Compare this with the standard headliner in the LS460 which feels fantastic to touch & you get optional Alcantara in the L models.

  11. Really don’t like that A-pillar quarter glass, an eyesore. Does the ‘B’ on the gear-selector stand for “Boost”?

  12. I wouldn’t say they had much option with the front quarter-glass—all in the name of aerodynamics, I suppose.

  13. Oh, and B-Mode is for engine braking, and is meant to take the place of the lower gear setting seen in conventional vehicles. Here’s a detailed explanation:

    A boost mode would have been cooler, though.

  14. Thanks, Krew. I guess pressing the “PWR MODE” button gives the necessary boost in acceleration via quicker shifts. Those A-pillar windows can create a blind spot at road junctions & at certain corners plus as the A-pillars are positioned forward they narrow the view through the windscreen. I didn’t like this when I drove the Honda Civic plus it feels like you’re behind the wheel of a minivan.

  15. Agree, not a fan of the A-pillar windows.

  16. I am loving this entry level hybrid Lexus.  I would definately drive this!