Lexus LFAs Finish 87th, 101st in Nürburgring 24h Race

Two Lexus LFAs Racing

Various mechanical troubles kept the pair of Lexus LFAs racing in the Nürburgring 24h race from placing too high in the standings, with the #14 LFA finishing 87th and the #15 LFA finishing 101st.

The race started off well enough, with #14 getting as high as 15th place, but ended up spending three hours getting its alternator repaired.

The #15 LFA had much worse luck, first getting into a crash right at the beginning of the race and then experiencing a fire near the engine, possibly an issue with the radiator:

Still, the LFAs best laps were very close to the leaders, even with the differences in class groupings, and were the fastest vehicles in their class by a significant margin.

As a bonus, here’s a gallery of shots from the weekend by Steve Kipping, who attended the race and managed to get up and close while the #15 LFA was being looked at:

Be sure to check out Steve’s other photos from the race as well.



  1. if you think about it, it’s so bad seeing as they were testing a new engine. but the spots they got are great for their first time in the Nurburgring, my main blame goes to the drivers.

  2. Kinda sad.

    But I find it amazing how the car was still able to drive it self after it caught on fire…..

    I feel these cars have real potential but Lexus just need to fine tune the last stages. They have a winner but need to get it right…seems like they are struggling with getting it right.

  3. Hi Krew, do you know what the lap times were comapared to the other cars in the class?

  4. this will for sure now delay the LF-A for another 5 years. I hope they will have a facelift by then LOL

  5. Yeah, it does look like the LFA moved by its own there at the end, which probably rules out an engine fire.

    It does seem discouraging that with the problems, but better they happen now than when the production models go out.

  6. Hi SK,

    Here are the #15 LFA lap times—compare that to the Aston Martin that won the SP8 class. Minus the almost four-hour delay and it would have been a much different race. wink

  7. Don’t even joke! wink

  8. no

    i think totally not

    and that appears in tuning and justifying some small errors that make the LFA#14 stop when it was the second in the SP8 and make the LFA#15 start 5 hours late

    they ‘ll make the tuning need on this engine
    and you ‘ll see this car with at least two different displacement on 4.8L which is new and was the one in those car in nurburgring and the other 5.0L

    and i guess any car its drivers push it so that hard ‘ll brake down as the #15 & #14

    the drivers play it fast but not safe

  9. LEXUSaddict is now LFAaddict

    5 YEARS? cmon man they’ll release by next year…this was just a practice engine which they clearly will not use. maybe a year but no more. and i doubt it will need a facelift if those spyshots and the image of the production rumors is the real deal.

  10. +1

    i totally agree with you “LEXUSaddict is now LFAaddict”

    they even said that it is a test engine

    and i thought it ‘ll be the engine powered the next generation ISF

    reduce emission and capacity and increase the power and torque

  11. I’m pretty sure he was joking about the 5 years, LFAaddict. wink