Lexus LFAs Racing in Nürburgring 24h Race Today

Racing Lexus LFA Nürburgring Race

Just a reminder, the Nürburgring 24h race has started, and the two Lexus LFAs are in the field.

You can follow the race results for the Lexus LFAs on the Gazoo website with a very nice interface showing the remaining race times and positions.

Good luck drivers!



  1. now after 6hrs

    the LFA#14 rank 60
    the LFA#15 rank 165
    the ISF#16 rank 131

    still 18 hrs to go

  2. after 12 hours LFA #14 is 3rd in its class (overall 35th) and is closing on aston martin #7 (2nd in class SP8)

  3. good luck to the LFA its gonna cream the aston martin…no doubt btw where r u guys watching this?

  4. currently lfa is in 28th place behind the aston martin v12

  5. AMAZING! How did they catch on so quickly?!
    If only the LFA didn’t have any problems at the start…

    Still, GREAT JOB to you drivers!

    Akio Toyoda and Barrack Obama are nearly synonymous raspberry

  6. Wow… I wish the Gazoo team can provide a thorough detailing of the race. I know they’d be tired, but I’d love to know about their accomplishments and probably the drama.

  7. omg now its not even in 30th…

  8. the m3 crashed and the z4…but no news yet on the site

  9. i blame the driver…

  10. any way it is good test for both LFA & ISF

    even their is one LFA ‘ll not continue

    i see the meaning of bad luck today

    but also i saw the meaning of team work and passion

    it is ok to take that position for the first formal race

    but we want the best positions in the up coming races


  12. I’m just glad that Audi didn’t win the entire race - therefore, taking away their rights to be cocky. After all, the Audi R8 LMS isn’t a true R8! It’s a full on GT3 racer with only RWD!

  13. yep i think they put in a v10 or a v12 from a lambo

  14. by any way the position lexus reached today is more than satisfying

    and donna forget lexus enter not to fight as they announced before but to test the engines

    and for me more than amazing

    LFA#15 i guessed before it ‘ll got a burn

    they pushed it so hard because the stop in the first 5 hrs in the race

    and the amazing thing it continue up from rank 160 to rank 90 before it’s engine broke

    really good work i donna think any engine can maintain on it’s maximum limit for around 17th continuos hrs

    and the fact also said that was also happened with the LFA#14 which got pushed to it’s maximum limits rpm to gain some points to delete the first fail of the LFA#15

    lexus produce a real beautiful monester and got a talented drivers just they wanna luck and to practice lil bit
    and you ‘ll see a winner team next year nurburgring if they enter

  15. Now that I think of it… how F1 engines last only a few races…
    The LFA did pretty well after all!

  16. yeah

    and that’s great

    to see pre-production application based totally on F1 tech.