Lexus IS Convertible F-Sport Photo Gallery

Lexus IS-C Convertible F-Sport

To promote the fact that the existing F-Sport performance accessories for the Lexus IS are fully compatible with the IS Convertible, Lexus has released some images with an IS-C decked out to the nines:

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The convertible is still too junky in the trunky for my tastes, but the 19” forged alloy wheels suit the IS-C, as does the lowering spring set.



  1. same here krew wish the trunk was lower but meh what the heck still a beautiful car smile

  2. PS i noticed theres no section jsut for the ISC in the database, is this intentional? just wondering. thanks

  3. I drove the IS-C at the plican hill resort one with the F sport mods and one without. And honestly there is a large difference, mostly in breaking and around corners. The regular IS-C is kind of slugish around corners but with the F sport it hugs the corner extremely well.

    Oh and in person the trunk doesn’t look so awful

  4. Very interesting, I’m looking forward to trying out the F-Sport IS.

  5. Looks like something I have to fix.

  6. They are pushing the F-sport parts more aggresively. There is a 2 page spread in C&D as soon as you open it up.

    The reason for the big butt is so the car can have an actual trunk. Its 2 inches longer than the sedan. In comparison the G37 convertible trunk is beyond tiny.

    That looks very good, much better than stock

  7. Yeah, for some reason I don’t like the F-Sport wheels on the sedan, but they really set off the IS-C.

    (I should really stop making fun of the rear, when I saw the IS-C in person it didn’t look awkward at all.) smile