2010 Lexus GX 460?

2009 Lexus GX470

According to Ward’s Auto, the next generation Lexus GX will be launched this fall, and will be powered by the 4.6L V8 engine that debuted in the 2010 Toyota Tundra.

The 2010 GX 460 will see its exterior and interior redesigned, and should include Lexus’ Remote Touch system and a new rear door.

When asked by Ward’s, Lexus GM Mark Templin didn’t confirm or deny the new GX:

Lexus General Manager Mark Templin declines to confirm the new GX but says the brand wants a continued presence in the segment.

“The largest SUVs have been hit the hardest, but there’s still a segment of the population that wants those vehicles,” he tells Ward’s here during a media preview for the Lexus HS 250h sedan.

“(SUV owners) tow things. They play hard. They do a little bit of off-roading, not much. More than actually doing it, they want to know they can do it if they have to. We still think there’s a viable market with our GX.”

The new engine config is backed up, however flimsy, by the fact that Lexus has trademarked the GX460 name with the US Patent Office. A newly redesign 2010 GX has long been rumored (along with the fact that the exterior will closely resemble the LX), and with this new information leaking out, it seems almost guaranteed.

(Note: The above image is of the 2009 GX, not the rumored 2010 GX.)

[Source: Ward’s Auto]



  1. It would be nice to see some pictures or get some more information. We are looking at the 2010 RX but it would be nice to see a 2010 GX to compare them to so we can really decide if we want the larger or not. A GX460 would make sense since with the 460 engine in the LS and GS. The 570 engine would probably be a little large but maybe Lexus could offer both a 460 and 570, like the GL450 and GL550.

  2. Jesse Steinberg

    guess the waiting begins. new engine and new toys smile just keep the ML as a standard option here in Canada for the love of god!

  3. lol… I was one of the few people who wrote to Lexus that the latest LX had to keep its off-roading capabilities.

  4. most likely its gonna be the fourth model. if i were them i would go on with it, because the GX is the nicest SUV in its class…in fact it should have a class of its own. but if they make it into a baby LX it would be pretty stupid. the only thing they should rework is the tail lights, and they’re of course going to add the new Linesse headlights. im looking forward to a new GX. 2010 GX 470…sounds good.

    P.S., “Linesse” is what i like to call L-Finesse for short.

  5. 800px-Toyota_Vanguard_.JPG width=450

    will look like this most likely?

  6. That looks about right, i’m sure the GX will look nicer with some better angles

  7. That is definitely not the new GX, that just looks like a Toyota Highlander/RAV 4 with different lights…also that vehicle looks too small

  8. the Toyota Vanguard is nothing else but the JDM version of the North American RAV4….

    so finally some new informations about the upcoming 2010 GX 460? looks like i was wrong….no LF-A this year. sad

  9. Jesse Steinberg

    On Clublexus someone posted a picture of the 2010 Prado I think minus the grill and it looks like it will have the similar lights to the LX, it looks weird in my opinion time will only tell :/

  10. we know its not the GX…it has a Toyota badge. what i meant was that the GX will look similar to it but will have more of a luxury touch

  11. I would like to see a couple engine options with the GX as well, but I suspect there’s only really enough interest to justify a single model.

    I wouldn’t expect the new GX to change much in terms of size—and I’ve been told multiple times that the GX will be a smaller LX. How do you like the LX design?

  12. I’m driving a GS 350 right now with the ML stereo option and it seriously blows my mind. I can’t believe how awesome it is.

  13. The body-on-frame build of the GX is one of the biggest selling points of the model—considering that it’s the only one to do it among the segment competitors.

  14. I’m thinking instead of the Vanguard, the Fortuner might be a better indicator:

    Toyota Fortuner

  15. I’d expect the LFA to be shown in production form in October, and then available for purchase early next year, delivered late next year. So probably no LFAs this year.

  16. Do you have a link to that 2010 Prado shot? I’d like to see it.

  17. 800px-Toyota_Vanguard_.JPG

    take out the “LExus”

  18. ht"fff"tp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2c/Toyota_Vanguard_.JPG/800px-Toyota_Vanguard_.JPG
    take out the “fff”

  19. Actually the Fortuner model is a quite old now & has been developed mostly for third-world markets, it shares its platform with the Innova minivan & Hilux pick-up. Unlikely the new GX will take any design elements from any Toyota.

  20. Will the GX460 be a body on frame or monocoque SUV? Also what’s the output of its 4.6 V8?

  21. it ‘ll be body on frame share it with
    the next generation prado and next generation 4 runner

    and about the 4.6 V8 it’s now found in the Tundra / sequoia
    and some markets LC200 as the Middle East & Japan

    Engine: 4.6-litre 32-valve DOHC petrol V8.
    Power: 310 horsepower at 5,600 rpm.
    Torque: 327 pounds-feet of torque at 3,400 rpm.

  22. No Remote Touch.

  23. So the new GX will continue to use the touchscreen? Will Enform be an option?

    I’m surprised by this—why take the time to redesign the vehicle and not add the next-gen nav control system?

  24. Check out this site:


    This is the upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (or should be), which is sold here as the GX.
    Note that the headlamps resemble the ones on the current LX.

  25. I just chatted with Lexus.com and got this response.

    DCur: The 2010 GX will be arriving in dealerships in December.
    DCur: Detailed product information will be available on lexus.com as of November 23rd.

  26. thanks a lot steve on these information

  27. Interior pic:

    That’s a massive touch screen.

  28. Thanks 4tD! Was wating to see some images of the new GX as I’m considering a purchase. Like the chocolate brown color of the upper dash & steering & it seems the handbrake in the Prado is missing in the GX. But hows the exterior…

  29. definitely not the next generation gx. this is too small. it looks like an upgraded rav4.

  30. Like a proper Lexus, the GX 460 operates in virtual silence. The engine purr is faint, the tire noise is scant, and the good exterior new look.

  31. i want to buy from Japanes dealler the GX460/GX10, do anyone know a name and e-mail adress of such dealler?

  32. i saw a pic of the new gx on this other site. it looks like a freaking 4runner. Toyota has slowly become the old GM sadly. LIke wth are they doing over there. They are going to lose market share fast in the net 4-5 yrs unless they do something with their designs, prices.