Edmunds Reviews the Lexus IS 350C

2010 Lexus IS 350c with the roof up

If Edmunds’ initial review of the IS 350C is any indication, Lexus’ new convertible looks like it could be a real winner:

When the top is down, sunlight floods the IS C’s cabin and you’re overcome with a sense of well-being, so different from the wretched life you lead locked away in the office during the week. When the top is up, you’re in a buttoned-up coupe, holding in your hands a finely crafted machine that can take you to a great steak dinner with effortless speed.

Like every Lexus, the IS C is about what it does, not what it looks like. So you’ll find its true character in all the carefully considered services it provides, a composure that’s not found elsewhere in convertibles.

There are the standard digs at Lexus’ exterior design, but the rest of the review is extremely positive. The driving experience in particular gets rave reviews, though the reviewer does mention a lack of power, even with the IS 350c.

Edmunds also provides a video review buried in the sidebar—which nicely recaps the review with some on-the-road footage of the IS-C.

[Source: Edmunds]



  1. I’m going to be up at the pelican bay resort to drive the IS and HS this saturday, should be fun!

  2. Let me know how it goes!

  3. this is gonna kill the 3 series and g37 convertible…
    cmon just compare the looks alone, the beauty,grace, reliability…the perfect front….how could this possibly not murder the 3 series and g37?

  4. I have to agree with edmunds here, it just doesn’t look as good as it could have. It is very hard to get 4 seat convertibles to look good, but BMW has done a better job IMO. The g37 front doesn’t look too good, but the rear is better than the ISC I think.

  5. agree with you pond

    the lexus IS-C might be the great winner ever

    if they just modified a bit the rear of the IS sedan
    and make the folded roof a leather not hard top so they ‘ll gain a lot of space at the rear

    therefore a great rear with that great front and decent rear leg room

    and make another IS-C coupe

    simply make the IS-C coupe and the IS-C convertible

  6. that doesn’t mean i hate it

    i like it so much

    & in my view it is the most beautiful hardtop folded convertibles

    i just donna like that idea of CC cars

  7. i think the only problem is that the shape is too much like the SC. now if the back came down, attached to the rear, kind of like the LFA, then it would be perfect both top up and down. and i have to admit, the rear wheels are much to high set, it should have been even like the ISF.
    it would have looked much better if it were like this photoshop :
    1.JPG width=400
    but its still good right now. till next year.

  8. whoops…sorry about that picture sad

  9. The folding hardtop mechanism of the LF-C looked pretty clean.
    Could the flaws have been:
    - headroom/trunk space
    - interior room overall
    - safety

    I liked how it could be a targa, and that concept seems better than the wind deflector of the IS-C, which makes rear seating impossible.

    I guess it’s like how Edmunds InsideLine said that the IS-C is a thoroughly thought out car in terms of usage.

  10. DID anyone notice that there’s a hint of the IS F in the front?

  11. You’re right, the front grille was reworked and resembles the IS-F.

  12. And of course… the wind deflector that takes up the rear passenger’s seating area… how did that happen?

  13. thats the first thing i noticed in the front…looks really good