Photos of the Lexus GS Passionate Black Interior

Harinder's Lexus GS with Passionate Black interior

Lexus enthusiast Harinder from Vancouver has done me two big favors—first he told me about the Passionate Black availability in Canada, and now he’s sent photos of his very own PB Lexus GS:

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(The all-season mats are in place, but Harinder assured me that black carpet mats were also included. Also, in Canada, the PB interior is only available in a Touring package, hence the badging.)

Even after pouring over the various photos, I never realized the seats were perforated with red:

Lexus GS Passionate Black Seats

Only Lexus could be subtle using the color red.

(Special thanks to Harinder for sending in these photos!)



  1. The perforated red in the seats is quite in-your-face in a couple of the photos. Must vary depending on the angle/lighting because I definitely prefer the subtle look!

  2. I’d say it’s only in direct sunlight that it looks fairly bright.

  3. Very cool pics, of course like other special ‘custom’ like interiors it has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated, but it looks neat and the seat perforation color detailing is cool!

  4. wow…this is really amazing i love the stitching on the side edge of the center console, makes it look very expensive.
    and is just me or do the lights for the license plate look like they’ve been made red?

  5. Very attractive. A definite win for Lexus!

  6. I don’t know about this guys.. it doesn’t appeal to me at all..

  7. Can’t really tell, but it doesn’t look like it to me.

  8. Its absolutely hideous and ghetto looking.

  9. It’s definitely not for everyone, but red & black is a fav color combo of mine personally. Still want to see it IRL, though.

  10. To each their own.

  11. I agree. When you see the same 3 colors at work all day everyday (I work at a dealer that is scared to order anything but white, silver, or black) it is nice to see such a vibrant change. I’m glad to see Lexus offering something that makes the car a little more unique.

  12. Still wishing for a some kind of white edition. Not quite like the elegant white edition IS in Japan. I didn’t like the gray inserts and the leather was more of an off-white. Make the leather pure white with black piping running along the side of the seats, and instead of the cherry wood how’s about black piano? Complete that with a pearl white paint job.

  13. I’m holding out hope for Scion-level customization.

  14. The elegant white was definitely more cream than white—but what about keeping it clean? Makes me grit my teeth just thinking about it. wink

  15. i feel you thats why my IS is starfire pearl on the outside and black leather with wood and chrome inside…id still like to see the day when a car has a line of wood on the exterior…im a car designer (its my hobby and my future career, and my friends say im pretty darn good) and i drew one once and it looked really good.

  16. I think its fantastic. This was a JDM option and people on Clublexus were piping for it. The USDM always seems to miss out on the special colors and editions. Well Lexus has listened and given GS buyers something truly unique and special.

    I can only image with some red BBK or maybe some Time Attack wheels. Goodness.

    Maybe its in the future for me! I think its superb!

  17. I have some even better photos of the PB interior—I’ll post them next week, they really show the detail much better.

    Thanks for commenting, 1SICKLEX. LOL

  18. i thought they need more color configuration

    i like the wight leather sewing with black , red & blue thread found in the IS-C japanese version

    i hope they make it with all line up

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  20. Thats it. This is my dream. Thank you. Lens

  21. it looks neat and the seat perforation color detailing is cool!