Fox Marketing to Build Lexus IS-F/IS-C Mashup

Fresh off their electric orange twin-turbo Lexus IS-F at SEMA 2008, Fox Marketing & Artisan Performance have already started planning their entry for this year’s event—a lime-green IS-C done up in the IS-F style (click for a larger image):

Fox Marketing Lexus IS C for SEMA

This may be a computer render, but I’m impressed at how a IS-F and IS-C look mashed together. Looking forward to seeing this project progress.

[Source: Vincent Wong]



  1. is-f front end looks great on the is-c

  2. Definitely—I’m really impressed by this rendering (minus the green, a bit much).

  3. omg this is my dream car!!!!!in that color!!!! holy moly!!1

  4. this is my background right now

  5. me too

    i put it background

    and hope they make it

  6. What’s hilarious is that I thought of you as I was posting it.

  7. Haha, really? How nice of you lol wink

  8. I spoke to Brian Fox of Fox Marketing and picked up some more information on his Lexus IS 350C: