Lexus GS 450h Commercial from Japan

Let’s start off the week with this GS 450h commercial from Lexus Japan, brimming with the positive message “ON and GO!”:

One thing I noticed is the alternative markings for the kW energy gauge:

Japanese Energy Gauge

Japanese Lexus GS450h Energy Gauge

North American Energy Gauge

North American Lexus GS450h kW Energy Gauge

While the North American version is much more exact, the Japanese gauge gives more guidance while driving. A solution would be an amalgamation of the two, or even better, a move towards LS hybrid gauge layout.



  1. I really like the plain easy to read font on the Japanese version guages.

  2. what is weird is that the first and second generation RX hybrid gets that “japanese” charge/eco/power guage

  3. I haven’t seen a first-gen RXh with charge/eco/power gauge, but the new RXh definitely has it:

  4. Is the kW gauge how much power you’re using when you’re driving (first the battery, then the engine)? Don’t Americans use horsepower instead of kW for their cars…? (I’m in Australia, we officially use kW but people still talk about “horsepower” occasionally)

  5. Yes, we use horsepower, and the tach needle usually reads with an RPM meter

  6. this is the only picture i could find.


  7. According to the 2008 GS450h Owners Manual: “The power meter displays the instananeous output from the hybrid system in approximate kilowatts”