Lexus IS 250C Promotional Video

From Lexus Japan comes this new promotional video for the IS 250C:

I know that the IS 250c is essentially killing two birds with one stone, as Lexus gets a new coupe and a new convertible in the lineup, but there’s some angles in this video that make me wish a coupe-only version was available.

One thing’s for sure, the IS-C has some beautiful tail lights:

Lexus IS250 Tail Lights



  1. They should have only made this into a coupe.

    Anyways I hope if and when the redo the SC, it be more on the lines of an LS length to go against the MB CL.

    I wonder if this will flop like the IS Station wagon, time will only tell. If it does well it be nice to see this with an F treatment.

  2. The rear end is what kills the IS x50 C.  A straight coupe doesn’t need the room to store a roof.  Look at how much more aggressive the G35/37 is in the coupe and you’ll know what I mean.  I think they dropped the ball on this one.

  3. I agree, the rear isn’t bad when you consider the folding roof, but the IS-C would look so much better as a straight coupe.

    Next generation will see a full lineup of coupe/sedan/convertible/performance, but not having a coupe in this design feels like a missed opportunity.

  4. An IS Coupe would have given Lexus more sport cred. However if you look at it as a replacement for the SC the IS-C makes perfect sense.

    It still seats 4, the IS 350C is more powerful and therefore is probably quicker, the engine is more fuel efficient, it’s a newer design, drives better, and will undercut the SC by thousands of dollars.

    But I agree that Lexus needs a sports coupe when the next generation IS arrives.

  5. It’s weird how I can think of so many designs that are rather simple and practical… and much better looking. I don’t think I’d have to be a pro to know whether my idea works nor not smile

  6. yep from the first day i saw this puppy with the top up, i wished it would have had a straight back, sort of like the Aston Martin DB9 but i still look forward to seeing it..i just wish they lower the ride cuz it makes it look kind of weak…the rear is waaaaay to high up for the wheels in my opinion.

  7. I was really surprised it was a convertible over a coupe, considering the current push towards performance. However, with the SC most likely out of production for 2010, there was a big hole to fill in the lineup.

  8. I don’t know, without an extensive reworking of the IS, how could this really have been improved?

    My suggestion, bigger wheels as standard.