Lexus GS Passionate Black Interior Now Available in North America!

Lexus GS with Passionate Black Interior

In what could only be described as “my dreams come true”, Lexus USA and Canada have started offering the Passionate Black interior on select models of the GS!

This unique blood red & black interior color combination was first seen in a Japan-only limited edition of 500 models—here are some more photos:

Lexus GS Passionate Black Interior

Lexus GS Passionate Black Interior

Lexus GS Passionate Black Interior

In Canada, the blood red interior is only available in a Touring Special Edition (a $5,200CAD upgrade package), but Lexus USA is offering it as a $200USD option! They’re calling it the Interior Accents package, here’s how it breaks down:

  • Dark Gray bird’s-eye maple interior trim
  • Perforated Red and Black leather-trimmed interior with red contrast stitching
  • Black leather-trimmed steering wheel with red stitching
  • Red interior carpet
  • Black carpeted floor mats with red Lexus logo

I’m thinking an Obsidian GS 450h with this interior would pretty much be my perfect car. Time to start counting my pennies!

P.S. Sorry for all the exclamation points. (Thanks Eddie & Harinder!)

Update: The Passionate Black interior is $200USD on the GS 450h, $810 on the GS 350, and $410 on the GS 460.



  1. Wow!  Could this be the beginning of bringing more of the customized models to N. America?  I say bring it on!  Yes it is worthy of some exclamation.

  2. Great catch, guys!

  3. US Price is $810 on GS350 models, and $410 on 460 models

  4. holy smokes finally…if they put this on the IS…wow…but since we’re planning our next car to be a GS or possibly IS350C (when it comes out), i’d like to get this interior-strike that, HAVE TO BEYOND ALL HUMAN AND OTHERWORDLY REASONS get this interior..and if they make a nice, electric blue that wouldn’t be half bad either

  5. Exactly, I’m hoping they will offer more…if not customization, then these special editions will be great!!!

  6. holy freaking crap i just found my next car! now i just have to find the money…. anyone wanna donate?

  7. Beautiful! Yes, I agree. They need to bring this option to the IS.

  8. I’m very excited by the prospect—I think a combination of these special edition interiors and the F-Sport accessories is exactly what Lexus needs to do.

    The GS is so appealing right now.

  9. Thanks, I’ve updated the post to reflect the different pricing.

  10. Get in line! wink

  11. Simply gorgeous.

    I hope they come out with some kind of white edition. Pearl white exterior, white leather with black piping interior, black carpets, and piano black wood… mmmmm.

  12. Black wood has been a top request for a while now…and good to see they’ve come up with an option for it.

  13. Looks like the devil’s own GS ! Has that custom-designed look, very unique. But why different prices for the same option?

  14. The closest I’ve seen is the Elegant White interior—but after my time with IS and its Ecru leather, I’d be afraid of any light colored interior.

  15. Good question.

  16. I’m gonna say the 350 is priciest cause it costs the less of the three, the 450h is the least expensive package because it’s the most expensive GS, and the 460 is in between because it has a price between the two.basically,
    GS350 : MSRP- $46,950 AWD and $45,000 RWD, PBI= $810
    GS460: MSRP- $53,470, PBI= $410
    GS450h: MSRP- $56,550, PBI= $200
    PBI= Passionate Black Interior
    The lower the price, the more expensive the package. Makes sense if you think about it, eh?

  17. Thanks, Lexus addict. 200 bucks for the PBI in the 450h looks good value for money. Krew must be drooling, HA, HA.

  18. You better believe it—I’ve been budgeting all weekend trying to figure out how to make it happen.

  19. wow , so it seems you’re really serious about getting this? good job man, my motto is if you want it, you get it.

  20. GS’s rear headroom is its major problem which cost it not selling very well against 5 and E>

    hope next gen GS will fix this problem.

  21. but this interior looks so cool….!!!so evil~~~haha:)

  22. Really, really nice! Now all it needs is a bit of dark red ambiance lighting. Even without it, though - I really like the looks of this interior. There’s something very warm about it..

    Sal C.

  23. Good idea—I was thinking that myself. I really like the GS’ interior ambient lighting at night, but it’s going to clash with this interior.


    this is nice but just check out the new F sport kits for the IS!!!

  25. I find the GS rear seat back a bit upright& legroom is tight too. It should at least have been as spacious as the ES, since GS is positioned above it.

  26. If you click on Related Links on the IS-C launch site, there’s a link to this website. smile

  27. haha ya i noticed that LOL