Javier Quiros Racing the Lexus IS-F @ Nürburgring

This is just plain wild—here’s Javier Quiros, one of the drivers of the recent Lexus LFA race win and owner of a Lexus dealership in Costa Rica, piloting an IS-F around Nürburgring on a practice run:

Crazy how you can almost feel the downshifts, especially with that rough audio blip. An interesting perspective, it also reminds me of that James Sloyan IS-F commercial.



  1. Hey, man,

    just saw this. and I think this is interesting..

    Overall luxury car incentives averaged $4,022 last month and luxury SUV discounts were $3,944, according to Edmunds.com. Lexus first-quarter incentives trailed BMW, which offered $4,936 a vehicle and Mercedes-Benz's average of $4,569. The two European companies increased such spending last month, while Lexus's dropped to $1,928.


    good to know that lexus keep its brand image

  2. sigh… Sloyan…
    He not only talked down to Lexus but also the IS F specifically in his Mitsubishi radio ad.

  3. lol… is the cameraman banging his elbow against the door or something?

    I’ve only tried the Nurburging Nordschleife through racing simulation, and for the most part, the track’s biggest worry are the lifespan of the tires. Besides that, the Green Hell focuses much more on horsepower than handling ...being that the only greatest difference handling can make can only be compared between an F1 vehicle and a stock BMW M3.

    Laguna Seca, for comparison, also seems to make me worry about the tires more than anything else because with never wearing tires, I can simply floor the gas pedal and not worry about much. LOL

  4. meh i just wish people knew just how fun an ISF really is instead of kissing you-know-what to the Germans just cause their cars are more “powerful and fast”...

  5. Oh man, I just listened to that Mitsubishi radio ad for the first time—how awkward:


    I don’t know why he’d agree to say that. Messy breakup.

  6. The footage felt like a video game, for sure—thought the same thing.