Lexus RX 450h Named to Ward’s Top Interiors of 2009

2010 Lexus RX450h Interior

Ward’s Auto has handed out their 2009 Interior of the Year awards, and the upcoming Lexus RX 450h took one of the special-achievement awards:

Among the winners is the all-new Lexus RX 450h hybrid-electric cross/utility vehicle, which goes on sale in August. Pricing has yet to be announced, but the current RX 400h hybrid starts at $42,080.

The RX, with its riveting asymmetrical center stack, tasteful wood steering wheel and luscious color palette, is recognized with a special-achievement award for Design Harmony.

Design Harmony is a new category for the Interior Awards and isn’t fully explained, but from my estimation it seems to be awarded on a combination of materials and presentation, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the new Remote Touch controller fit in there somehow.

[Via: JH Lexus]



  1. I didn’t know they had an almost white interior option for the Hybrid

  2. promises a more detailed story on the RX 450h’s “Design Harmony” award (as well as on the other 10 winners) on Monday 27 April.

  3. Missed that at the bottom of the article, thanks for the heads up.

  4. I took this image from the Lexus Europe media site, it might be not be available here. I’ll check.

  5. “wood steering wheel”...i only see leather..?

  6. The wood steering wheel is an option, the photo above is without the Luxury package.

  7. Shocking! This has to be one of the WORST interior designs of any production car today. Lexus interiors have traditionally been excellent, but this RX makes me want to puke(ditto the exterior). The previous RX had an interior that still looked good. I don’t see any similarity with that car or any of the current Lexus interior designs in this new RX. ‘Remote Touch’ is one of its many flaws. Touch screen was widely accepted as being the best control system by the motoring press, better than i-drive,COMAND etc. Are’nt humans used to operating computer mouses while sitting at home or office? how is one expected to do the same thing while driving? Looks like a recipe for disaster out on the road. This does’nt bode well for future Lexus models.

  8. Just curious, have you check out the RX interior in person?

  9. yes, i have and it’s really nice i like all the hidden little cupholders, especially the one next to the door, so convenient! and i liked the space under the center dash. the back is really big compared to the old RX and looks much more luxurious. and when i played with the mouse, it actually felt like a mouse, and you can feel it slightly click when you move it, really convenient to know if it works

  10. I haven’t sat in the new RX yet, but as far as first impressions go this is a disappointment, especially considering I was planning on purchasing one. I find that the i-drive, COMAND systems have been better packaged on the center consoles of BMW & Mercedes models. Remote Touch takes up so much space that it has(kind of) pushed the wood panel to the right plus moved the gear selector upwards thus messing up the nomally uncluttered(& symmetrical) Lexus center stack switch layout. Is it such an important function of the vehicle that it has to get precedence over selecting gears & operating the air-conditioner? I still prefer the simplicity of toush screen, but that’s just me. What do you think of this interior, krew?

  11. The center console layout does look awkward, and it was one of the first things I examined looking at the RX in person. The gear selector is still easily reached, and the Remote Touch controller is very comfortable.

    I can see your point, but this is definitely something that needs to be used in order to really see its potential. I loved the controller and mouse interface.

  12. i actually liked the interior of the RX, but yes the console is a little uncomfortable because it’s easier to access. And if you’re a one hand driver like me and my parents, putting down your arm could accidentally make the nav activate. But i liked it overall, and i give it a 8/10 because it could honestly look better.
    But just as a note, no car in its class, and i don’t care what people “think”, no car at all in its class has a nicer interior than the IS. or exterior, for that matter LOL
    PS TO KREW, could you post how you draw the winking eye? thanks.

  13. Did you say IS? What bout the GS, just love that sloping center console & boomerang shaped wood& leather on the doors. I also think the SC430 interior still looks fabulous, even though it’s now the oldest Lexus. In an old episode of Top Gear, they called it “ridiculously upperclass”.

  14. strike that, Lexus owns all

  15. oh and is it just me or did anybody else notice the picture at the top of the website is a GS now instead of an LS? LOL

  16. It was weird, I preferred the interior of the IS 250 AWD I reviewed over the GS 450h, but only because of the materials in the IS 250.

    (I say weird because I would have expected identical materials.)

  17. Finally, and a few days later than promised, posted their follow-up article:

  18. Thanks jruhi4, I’ve posted about it here.