More on the Lexus LFA Win @ Nürburgring

As mentioned, the Lexus LFA racing concept won its class (SP8: 4000cc ~ 6200cc) in the Nurburgring 4 hour race this weekend—and now sponsor Gazoo has posted some photos from the race:

Lexus LFA Racing Concept 1

Lexus LFA Racing Concept 2

Lexus LFA Racing Concept 3

Here’s a photo of drift champion Iida Akira, soon-to-be Toyota President Akio Toyoda, and dealer owner/racer Javier Quiros with their trophies:

I also discovered Morizo’s weblog, where he describes the race (translated from Japanese). Pretty cool!



  1. Thanks for the info and links!

  2. different car than the one posted the other day..the antenna is on top now, the front wheels only have one little dent thing, and a few minor cover ups too

  3. The person in the middle is Akio Toyoda.

  4. Thanks for the correction, are you familiar with the other two in the photo?

  5. Iida Akira (drift champ) and Javier Quiros (race car driver and dealer owner).

  6. I’ve updated the post, your help is much appreciated. smile