Lexus RX 450h Commercial from Canada

Last up is a Lexus RX 450h commercial from Canada, which also manages to feature a canine (however brief):

Strange that it’s taken me so long to post this, considering that I’ve seen this commercial repeatedly over the last month or so. Filmed in Vancouver, the song is Clair de Lune by Debussy.

I’m always impressed by Lexus Canada’s advertising, which tends to take a more emotional, real-life approach. (Compare this commercial with H is for Hybrid, same sort of feel.)



  1. If i were to go to a car dealership and i saw this car, I would buy it. Simply because of the emotional reponse this ad evokes from me. I’ve seen other promotions for cars and their nice but this one really hits you in the gut. It makes you feel like your being embraced and that in itself makes me want to go and buy this car period

  2. I got this sensation that Lexus has improved in this way:
    - the new RX is a car that you would buy for its perfect size and the Lexus luxuries without the compromising feeling that you couldn’t afford the GX or LX. (The new Cayman has kinda managed to rid the “inexpensive 911” appeal… kinda…)
    - Now Lexus should focus on their mid-luxury and premium luxury vehicles, making sure that they don’t just carry around more size and a bigger price tag.

    Sorry Krew. I’m gonna take up some space here to kinda permanently outline my expectations and figure out my future garage.
    Ideally (although idealists aren’t so successful):
    You bought the IS because you like compact and sporty cars, and the price is just right. (aggressive and sexy)
    You bought the IS F because you want fun with Lexus luxuries (monstrously aggressive)
    You bought the IS hybrid because you want simple efficiency with more power than the HS has (lower drag Co-efficiency with a lot of appeal)
    You bought the IS coupe because you you want a coupe with sleekness and utility in one (sleek and spacious)
    You bought the GS because you like a big, sporty car and the coupe-ish appeal of the design. (sleek and sexy)
    You bought the GS hybrid because you wanted more power than the IS hybrid and more space than the HS. (stately prominent and very sleek)
    You bought the GS coupe because you want an agile grand tourer. (sleek and sexy)
    You bought the LS because you want a flagship that has a real identity. (sleek and stately)
    You bought the LS Sport because you want a lot more fun without compromises that would make it better off with the F name. (aggressive and stately)
    You bought the LS hybrid because you want to send out a message and are willing to maintain a light foot without the compromise of the lack of power - oh and amazing efficiency when cruising down the freeways. (prominent)
    You bought the LS because you want space and power (stately and sexy)
    You bought the ES because you want a sleek and spacious car (sleek and absolutely beautiful)
    You bought the HS because you want to send out a message without compromises in luxury (prominent, spacious, aggressive, and sleek)
    You bought the RX because you want its perfect size and commendable utility (cute and aggressive)
    You bought the RX hybrid because you like the RX but you want uncompromising efficiency with commendable power (sleek and aggressive)
    You bought the JX because you needed more power and utility (sleek and aggressive)
    You bought the GX because you want the feeling of power at your fingertips, literally. (aggressive and sexy)
    You bought the LX because you wanted more than the LS; you have the budget, and you want the awesome feeling of knowing how capable your vehicle is. This truck should be more luxurious than the LS hybrid but with a price tag only slightly more expensive than the long-wheelbase LS. This vehicle vehicle should be have better numbers in every way than the Sequoia except those that might make the LX too big (which I don’t think it ever will be). Also, this car shouldn’t make the LS look cheap.

    hmm… for sure I will purchase an LX in the future. I have been looking for years for the perfect tuner to make the LX what I really want it to be, but I obviously haven’t gotten there yet because I haven’t even come close to purchasing an LX 570. The budget I’ll place on my future LX can be considered unlimited, and I’ll make sure it stays that way.