Lexus RX 350 Commercial from the Middle East

Next up, here’s a Lexus RX 350 commercial that borders on the just-plain weird:

From what I can gather, the central point seems to be that using the Remote Touch controller won’t distract away from driving, but why a coyote?

(What’s funny is that this has actually happened to me, driving home late at night in my LS.)



  1. What is the soundtrack of the commercial? I’m loving it!

  2. Looking into it for you…

  3. Ya: The music was composed by DJ Pinch & James Ginzberg of The Bodysnatchers for Tonic.

  4. Thanks, body.
    But, it seems, that the soundtrack was written only for the commercial. (it hasn’t the “full version”).
    P.s. Sorry 4 my english.

  5. You’re right, the music was written for the commercial.

  6. Hey! I am looking for this music in the Internet but I can’t find it!!! Maybe somebody could help?! I can find only the commercial itself!

  7. Hi Karin,

    This music was written specifically for the above commercial. It’s not available for purchase.

  8. Thank you Krew!
    It’s a pity that i need to see the commercial when i want to listen to this music smile