Lexus LFA Makes a Nürburgring Appearance

Lexus LFA

For the first time this year, the Lexus LFA racing concept car has been spotted at Nürburgring, likely due to its upcoming appearance in the upcoming 56. ADAC Westfalenfahrt being held this weekend at the Nordschleife—the same four-hour long distance race on the Nürburgring grand prix circuit that the LFA won last year.

Here’s the supercar from another angle:

New Lexus LFA

Here’s a photo of the LFA from last year, for comparison’s sake:

Old Lexus LFA

Not too much difference, other than the gigantic rear spoiler and some minor modifications in the front air intake.

(The drivers this weekend will be Hiromu Naruse, Minoru Takaki, and Yoshinobu Katsumata.)

[Source: World Car Fans ]

Update: Totally missed that this was posted on World Car Fans on Friday, meaning the LFA actually raced—and won—this past weekend. Here it is in full regalia:

Lexus LFA Racing

(Image by Deep Frozen.)

From the race results:

Sieger in der Klasse SP8: #92 Morizo / Quiros / Ida (Lexus LF-A) Winner in the SP8 class: # 92 Morizo / Quiros / Ida (Lexus LF-A)

Congrats to the LFA team!(Thanks Dan!)



  1. yowza, looks as nice as ever.
    noticed the lower front bumper, different side mirrors, the antenna on the window has been moved more towards the front, and of course the bigger front air vents which are more F style

  2. Maybe this is getting closer to the production model? Notice the tape over the lights that slant down? Just like the concept. I saw the roadster concept in the flesh at the Melbourne Intl motor show and was blown away by how good it looks.

    Can’t wait till these hit the streets, fingers crossed!

  3. The LF-A won the SP8 class at the 56. ADAC Westfalenfahrt this weekend.

  4. Thanks Dan—wasn’t thinking about the date. I’ve updated the post to reflect the race results.

  5. Good eye!

  6. I think the design has remained modern enough to be see production, though I do believe there will be some further exterior tweaks before release.

    I wonder if the interior will mirror the LFA Roadster?

  7. Yeah, if it mirrors the LFA Roadster it would be nice. I’m expecting the Roadster to have the F style trims

  8. By trims i mean the interior. The IS250-350, for example, has a wood trim while the ISF has a shiny crystal trim. I’m guessing the Roadster will have the shiny trim standard and the regular will have nice dark wood.

  9. wasnt this how mclaren got the F1 onto the streets? race them and win races, then make a road going version?

  10. From reading the F1 Wikipedia page, it doesn’t look like it—seems like the production model came out first before any racing was done:

  11. i just hope the rumors on the september tokyo auto show are true and the LFA will be revealed there..