Flickr Find: Soarer Rocket

Posting the Lexus SC 400 review from TTAC yesterday reminded me of a Flickr photo by Jon Sylvester (best viewed in original size):

Toyota Soarer

Love the panoramic feel and the lighting—great location as well.

(This, of course, is the Japanese version of the SC 400, the Toyota Soarer, which uses a griffin as its logo.)



  1. wow still beautiful even after a decade

  2. Amazing…

    All my friends who are influenced by my Merc-obsessed friend would look at this and then at the new SC 430, and putting the hardtop convertible roof aside, they’re all completely dumbfounded.

  3. Have had the pleasure to ride in this car, and help make it what it is. Beautiful is an understatement. Almost 400 whp, on a conservative tune.

  4. if they made the new SC the same as this one but with modded taillights…wow

  5. Agreed, it doesn’t add up—particularly if you consider that the SC 430 hasn’t changed in basically forever.

  6. I could almost see them going back to this design as the inspiration for the new SC—IF it isn’t based on the LFA.