TTAC Review of the 1992 Lexus SC 400

1992 Lexus SC 400

The Truth About Cars has posted a review of the 1992 Lexus SC 400, a car many consider Lexus’s most influential design and perhaps the greatest Lexus ever made—here’s an excerpt:

Combined with the four-speed electronic automatic transmission, the engine is just plain unkillable. It can literally out-diesel a diesel when it comes to longevity, and it’s infinitely more quiet.

Speaking of which, when most people enter the SC400, the first things they will notice is the amazing material quality…Lexus today has a long history of coddling their occupants; this model certainly helped give rise to that rep.

With the exception of the LS 400, the SC 400 is the Lexus that I’ve driven most frequently—over the years, I must have test drove 30 of these coupes, and every time I’m always amazed at the absolutely classic design.

As the reviewer notes, most of the time, these old SC’s are extremely well-loved, but every once and a while, you can still stumble on a rare gem—and next time that happens to me, I might not be able to hold back buying the thing.



  1. the first time i saw an old SC i thought it was a supercar lol…i always loved it but now it’s just too weak and girly, no offense to anyone

  2. My neighbor - my elementary school’s “art teacher” raspberry - has got one of the earlier models in white, and all her family has done to it was change the wheels (...think they’ve switched back to the originals).

    I like Lexus, but Lexus has already been out for a while by the time I could drive, while my neighbor’s vehicle was bought when Lexus was still pretty new. Only her family could explain to me the milestone Lexus had set up for vehicle quality and customer satisfaction.

  3. i guess “the non-existens” of an Cóupe like this one is the biggest “gap” in the current Lexus lineup….they need a 2-door car….can somebody tell this Lexus in Japan, please?

  4. Believe me, if I lived in Japan I would definitely go up to the Lexus “headquarters” and slap the sales numbers of the old and new SC on their desk. Then maybe we would see the SC actually being put up against cars worthy of the competition the SC was made for- the BMW 6 series and Mercedes SLK. Then they could make an SCF and that would really show BMW who’s boss and Mercedes what luxury really is.

  5. To my eyes the 1992 SC400 is the most beautiful Lexus to date. The interior too still looks stylish today, the only eyesore being the handbrake. It was so disappointing that Lexus made the current SC a convertible. Will we ever see a large 2-door coupe from Lexus again? I hope so & I will be waiting with cheque in hand.

  6. I’m coming at it from almost the same angle—I was very aware of Lexus in the mid ‘90’s, but the last thing on my mind was customer satisfaction, or even vehicle quality. Lexus grabbed me back then strictly on their designs.

    LS, GS, SC—what a sight they were back then.

  7. I’m curious to see how the LFA release is played—if it’s only offered in supercar form then it’s a non-player for 99% of the population, but if they build off the LFA design to come out with a more reasonably priced coupe, Lexus is going to jump into that market in a big way.

  8. That’s always bothered me as well—convertibles aren’t for everyone, both options should have been offered.

  9. I still have my ‘92 SC300 and am as passionate about it as the day I bought it over 17 years ago.  Still makes my heart flutter. There isn’t another car as beautiful under $50k.  Although I have been ready for a new Lexus for several years, all their models fall short for me and aren’t compelling me to buy.  I want this car again as a hybrid: 2 door sporty coupe - NOT a convertible, and with a usable back seat. My old SC still drives like the Porsche/Jaaguar it was originally compared to, while the IS’s feel too flimsy against it - even at this age. Started looking at the LF-Ch, but don’t care about hatchbacks and it isn’t sporty enough for me.  I’ll continue to wait and hope that Lexus eventually comes through for me.

  10. @Krew: This is WoL from the future.

    The LFA will be a very exclusive supercar, with only 500 units sold. Its price will be more than 50% of Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming competitor, the SLS.

    You can certainly have some expectations for the interior, and I can assure you that the LFA will impress many - Akio Toyoda knows what he is doing.

    I have a few renderings; we can certainly strike up a good deal. When I know more, I can give you more accurate renderings; we will negotiate that price later.

    aha… If only the future (present) could really assist us in such a way ...half a year ago. lol
    Btw, I’m getting my babies back next week! In time for the LA Auto Show!!!

  11. Just saw an interior shot of the SC from that article… WOW !!!!!
    Soooo very beautiful even 17 years down the line !
    Will we ever see a genuine successor to this car?
    Wonder what happened to the team that designed this…