Lexus USA March 2009 Sales Report

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The Lexus USA March 2009 sales figures have been released, and it’s more of the same:

2009 2008 % Change
IS250/350/F 2,432 4,798 -47.3
ES350 3,225 6,019 -44.3
GS350/460/450h 625 1,668 -61.0
SC430 78 271 -70.1
LS460/600h L 852 2,125 -58.3
Total Cars 7,212 14,881 -49.6
RX350/400h 6,177 7,737 -17.0
GX470 561 1,679 -65.3
LX570 289 642 -53.2
Total Trucks 7,027 10,058 -27.3
Total Sales 14,239 24,939 -40.6

The new RX 350 gave the SUV’s numbers a big boost, making up almost 85% of sales. Not enough to push it into positive territory, but certainly a welcome improvement.

There was a sprinkle of hope in the Lexus press release, and it comes from taking a different angle on the sales numbers: Even though there was a 40.6% drop when compared with March 2008, sales are up 13.6% over February.

[Source: Lexus]



  1. cant believe these numbers…

  2. How the mighty ES fall down like this?

  3. That too, but c’mon people, how could the best selling luxury car lose 40% of sales all over the economy while audi only loses 34? it’s just stupid, they release those ugly little girl scout white LEDs, and everybody thinks the r8 is some v12 monster when it’s slower than an ISF…jeez it’s a v8 engine…and mercedes…seriously like anybody is stupid enough to pay 180k for the same car but with a different engine? sigh what is this world coming to..

  4. yeah, I have the same opinion towards Audi.

    i think it’s an cosmetic issue. Their cars are pretty new.

  5. I think the buyers market for the ES are probably the same people holding on to their vehicles until the economy improves.

  6. I think if you were to look at the age of Lexus’ lineup compared to Audi or Mercedes (and maybe even BMW), Lexus would have the oldest designs.

    I think luxury auto sales are very cyclical, Lexus can’t be expected to be on top forever.