China’s BYD Auto Releases Lexus RX Clone

While it’s true that all car companies have been guilty of design plagiarism at some point, Chinese automaker BYD has taken it too far with their shamelessly brazen copy of the second generation RX, the S6:

Lexus RX 350 vs. BYD S6

Lexus RX 350 vs. BYD S6

These Chinese copycat designs are a rampant problem in automotive design, and what makes the situation worse is that somehow, BYD has been able to copyright the S6 design at the European trademark office. This will no doubt cause Toyota lawyers no small amount of aggravation.

[Source: Carscoop]



  1. lol
    This reminds me of that vehicle I saw a few years ago on another car site, where the Chinese vehicle had an RX body with a Pontiac Torrent front.

  2. wow this reminds me of the chinese bmw rip off too…the fake x5 thing

  3. lol this is not uncommon. at least they didnt copy the third gen RX. i dont know how they keep getting away with this. they must have some damn good lawyers. i also wonder what the interior looks like smile

  4. I’m pretty sure that Lexus actually sold them the materials and machinery required for building the vehicle because the “clone” really is a clone - a carbon copy. The tailpipes and everything…the platform must be identical to support those subtle details that operate this vehicle.

    No way on earth cold they produce a vehicle so alike.
    It should be a hybrid body - the wheels, the front bumper and lack of opening between hood and bumper ...right below the grille.

    Toyota might as well license them their old hybrid system for extra money, but considering Toyota’s business practice, it sure wouldn’t be all that easy making the hybrid model as good as the RX 400h. wink

  5. I think this is photoshop work. When you look at the front picture, there is a obvious connection (approx 45 degree line) between the front bumper and the left fender. When I look at the picture from the rear view, this is not there. Furthermore, when I zoom onto the door area, the line seems to irratic.

    If there are higher resolution images available, this would be nice to see. Also the approval of the EU seems a bit premature, so if anyone can get their hands on that, I’d love to see it too.

    Furthermore, the design schematics they are showing on the website (carscoop), seems more like the work of an overcreative teen with a copy of Maya or any other design program then a proper design of a car company.

    The least I am about this is very sceptical.

  6. it’s not a photoshop, the chinese just have really bad craftsmanship.

  7. it’s photoshop, damn fools

  8. watch your mouth, first of all, this isn’t youtube, im guessing ure 14…im 15 and i can control myself…besides u don’t have to repeat everything ure dad says to you and post it here

  9. Tone it down or take it somewhere else.

  10. Well lets try to sort this out for you all, as you seem to be getting into a bit of a fight. First of all let me explain who I am. I have worked for Lexus since 1989, so know quite alot. secondly the vehicle is real, but will only be available in China, not for worldwide sale. The tooling and design was sold to the BYD motor group, as the second gen RX was coming to a close. But as far as Toyota and Lexus are concerned!!!! who cares.

    Hope that sorts it out for you.
    Now settle down.