Consumer Reports Names Lexus LS 460 Best Overall Vehicle of 2009

Lexus LS 460

Consumer Reports’ love affair with the Lexus LS 460 continues — first was their astonishing 99/100 score in 2007, followed by a win as 2008’s top luxury sedan — and now CR has named the LS 460 the best overall vehicle of 2009:

With a road-test score of 99 out of 100, this is our highest-scoring vehicle. It provides a luxurious, uncompromising driving environment, with a supremely comfortable ride and a roomy, well-finished, and exceptionally quiet interior. The LS is brimming with electronic amenities, yet the controls are easy to use. Its 380-hp, 4.6-liter V8 and eight-speed automatic transmission deliver smooth, quick acceleration and relatively good fuel economy. All-wheel drive is available for 2009.

The ES 350 also scored well in 2009, receiving a mark of 91/100 and placing tenth overall .

[Source: Consumer Reports]



  1. Fantastic news! The LS 460 is a true marvel. Its amazing it has so much technology in it, and is so dead reliable.

  2. Totally the best value and quality out there. I am so thrilled that it continues to be the industry leader year after year. I have many clients that I work with professionally that are long time German MB and BMW owners that notice my LS 460 and comment to me that they will never go back to the German cars and will go LEXUS from here out. These are well to do clients that have been through many, many of their vehicles. Their common response to me is: Over priced, under equipped, not worth the money.Why do I subject myself to this misery over and over again…..NO MORE !!! I thought I would share that with you. Once you own LEXUS YOU NEVER GO BACK AS WELL !!!

  3. Don’t forget to tell them to come to my site, as well. wink

  4. 282703833_89a8f6c329_b.jpg

    That is one picture that really shows the amazing finish of the LS’s wet-sanded paint coating. There, the end looks quite handsome and stately… almost as if it were waxed only for show, but I’ve seen an LS 460 L in black - it’s glossy and smooth finish like tinted mirrors black gold.

  5. Yeah, that’s a great photo—definitely shows off the fantastic paintwork.