Toyota Considering Ultra-Luxury Brand?

Lexus Maybach

How’s this for a rumor trail — according to an Autospies poster, Japanese magazine Carview has reported that Toyota is looking at creating a new ultra-luxury automotive brand above Lexus, here’s the article:

Toyota considering ultra-luxury brand

Here’s the article, supposedly paraphrased an Autospies poster:

A Lexus spokesman explained that Lexus had thoroughly researched the market and feels that consumers will embrace their products.

Details are still sketchy. In planning are two vehicles consisting of a large sedan and a coupe that will most likely be based on a modified chassis of the existing Lexus LS. It is as of yet unclear if these vehicles will be powered by conventional gasoline engines or a combination of gasoline-hybrid.

A nameplate for this most prestigious label has not yet been decided.

I’m having a hard time picturing why Toyota would (or could) create a vehicle any more luxurious than the LS 600hL, unless it was a single model made expressly for royalty and government leaders, like an updated Toyota Century.

All Toyota has to do is look at Mercedes’ problems with Maybach to see that the ultra-luxury market is ultra-difficult. And yet, considering that the LFA (when released) is expected to cost over $200,000 — it could be argued that Toyota intends to take Lexus into a similarly expensive market.

(The leading image is a 2006 photoshop from Road & Track, when this rumor first started appearing.)

Update: According to TPP posters Wayne & Dan, this article is actually about tires, and not about Toyota’s ultra-luxury brand at all. (This also marks the last time I post a story from Autospies without verifying the facts first.)



  1. ...and to note, that Japanese text below the first line talks about tires, and not about Lexus.

  2. better for them now to concentrate on resurrect of celica-AE86 , MR , GT , Supra and a new generation from SC and to begin to sale the LFA and make the next generation IS, GS & LS much more luxury and sporty than its german rivals and make a new generation from the crown Majesta not to delete it simply like that it can be a luxurious 4 door coupe which tomoco also need it

    those cars ‘ll be enough to change toyota/lexus photo of bland cars taken now a days

    may be the ultra luxurious category of likes Bentley Arnage and maybach and R.R come later but the above is vital now more than the ultra luxurious

  3. I think u might get it wrong.
    The whole article is not mentioning anything about toyota’s new brand.
    Indeed, from the last sentence, it’s introducting the new tires from Michelin “Primacy LC”.
    The article is all about tires. It explains how different a tire will affect the car’s feeling.
    The headling should read as “Lexus, Unrestrained and speedy from the feet(tires).”

  4. Sorry, I wasn’t responsible for the paraphrasing—it was taken from Autospies. I edited the post to reflect that.

  5. Too funny! (I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, considering the source.)

  6. Accuracy of the source aside…

    It would be nice to see Lexus to go even more upscale while maintaining a reasonable (the same) price. Toyota should have the brains for that.

    There is nothing I love more about cars than customizing an exclusive one, and right now, I just hope that Lexus would, at the very least, provide an extensive customization program like the BMW Individual.

    Although, it wouldn’t hurt to see Lexus combine their hybrid and F lineup with some extensive modifications to provide an ultra-exclusive lineup of their current vehicles called the ...”Luxury.”

    Frankly, not only do I sound repetitive, but I admit that most of what I said aren’t really feasible. sad

  7. Sigh…Lexus sounds no more than a beta business exercise that has lived on and has been taken very seriously from the start.

    Shouldn’t it be time Lexus actually brings in some “soul.” (I can’t believe I actually understood my meaning of that.)

  8. More personalization sounds great, they have a lot of that in Japan where you get to pick through color, fabric, leather samples and they supposedly build your vehicle to order.

  9. I think the idea is very interesting but I doubt it will happen. Yes the Maybach, RR, and Bentley are nice but look at the Maybach problems. I think Lexus should compete further in areas like the S-Class, and CLS class. The LS600hL is an amazing car, you couldn’t get more luxury than that, it’s a lot like the Maybach (well not really I guess).

    Lexus could improve performance as well, which they have started to do by offering multiple engine types, like the GS350 and GS460. Lexus first needs to intro the new GX, then follow by a GS update to take it a step beyond the E-Class and 5 Series. The GS is the real sweet spot for Lexus, it hasn’t’ caught on as much as Lexus probably wants and if they can give it an update like they did to the new RX I think it could become an extremely successful car.

  10. Which car is it on the picture? I do not know this!

  11. yeap! that´s true….

  12. That is a photo-shopped image, it’s not a real car. My best guess is it’s a cross between a Maybach and the GS.

  13. It’s from a 2006 issue of Road & Track, when Toyota was first rumored to be considering an ultra-luxury brand.

  14. Sorry if that sounded confusing, it was created by Road & Track, most definitely using a Maybach as the starting point.

  15. but even that rendering is so much pretty

    i really like it

  16. I think this will happen, “and needs too.”  If there is one complaint I hear more often about Lexus is that they need to make a separation from the Toyota name.  With the LFA and an uber-lux brand they would be doing that.  I know this will be a very difficult thing for Lexus to do but the smart thing is to make the seperation so Lexus can gain, earn, and deserve “prestige”.  With the economy they way it is, what a perfect time to explore and take advantage of this market segment.  Even the elite rich would want a smarter and better car at half the cost of its competitors in this field. 

    Timing is everything and I hope Lexus has figured that out.

  17. I Would like to see a new luxury coupe similar to the original 1992 SC400 from Lexus. What a beauty that car was. Why does Toyota have a large luxury coupe(Solara) and not Lexus? I also wished for a V12 LS, but with the arrival of the 600h, that dream has been trashed. Sigh.

  18. Saw a gold first-gen SC today, still a gorgeous car even in that color. Wouldn’t complain in the least if Lexus reworked that design.