2010 Lexus RX 450h Colors (with Images)

While exploring Lexus Japan’s website, TPP commenter Eddie discovered images of all the 2010 Lexus RX colors:

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The Cerulean Blue Metallic is a much nicer hue than Breakwater Metallic, though I’ll have to see it in person first.

Also, here are the interior colors:

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Personally, I’d probably go for Smoky Granite Mica with the Black Interior. Snazzy!



  1. I’m really diggin’ the dual tone of the doors from the interior.

    I like the looks of the white leather covered seats as well, but black does make them look much richer ...great if it’s semi-aniline leather.

    Still, I’m not so sure about making those LED headlights optional. Of course, the mainstream might not like them as much as others, but it’s like a Lexus hybrid signature.
    I wonder how the HS would look with the standard headlights…

  2. I hae flint mica and black right now in my RX330. wanting a change, i think i would get Truffle Mica with the two tone interior (i think they call that parchment?)

  3. Have or Hate?

    (Yep, it’s called parchment.)

  4. Difficult, difficult. I am still deciding wether I like this car better. I was hoping for a more radical design.

    Anyway, If I would buy this car, it would be in black with a black interior. I hope there is an option to replace the wood with aluminum.

  5. lol “have”.

    i also want to note that lexus.jp shows another wood color choice if you go into the RX page. there is also black birds eye maple

  6. I’m excited, I just got media credentials for the Toronto Auto Show and can’t wait to see this in person.

  7. The RX 450h gets Aurora white pearl which I saw in person and looks VERY nice. I also saw the cerulean blue but it was indoors. It is nicer than the breakwater blue.
    I got to drive the RX 350 but not the RX 450h. The RX 350 is significantly (in my opinion) improved from a driver's perspective. I really liked the steering, handling and ride. Much better than the MB ML350 and BMW X5 3.0 they had on hand for comparison.

  8. These are the RX 450h colors, I must have mislabeled one of them—I assumed that the colors would be the same across both versions.

    Which one of these looks the most like the Aurora White Pearl to you, Greg?

  9. i think the new RX is starting to grow on me.i love the obsidian and starfire pearl…the sapphire pearl ain’t bad either.

  10. Awesome!

    This site really has changed a lot recently and has become a lot more lively.

    Great job, Krew!

  11. “Which one of these looks the most like the Aurora White Pearl to you,”

    It’s hard to tell in these pictures but I think the one you have as cerulean blue should be aurora white. It’s definitely not cerulean blue. I remember the aurora white as not being as bright as the starfire pearl.

  12. I can’t decide between the truffle mica, smokey granite mica, or obsidian. But I know I want one with the gray interior. The two tone colors are done very nicely.

  13. lol golden almond really needs to get axed.

  14. I think smoky granite mica needs to get axed.

  15. I have never seen a car in Golden Almond. Ever.

  16. I’ve never done a press event before, and as much as I’m looking forward to seeing the RX & HS, I can’t wait to sit in a Maserati Gran Turismo.

  17. Also, there’s going to be more new features in the coming weeks that make it easier to follow along conversations. It’s still a little tough and I want to fix that.

  18. Hopefully there’s some color charts at the auto show next week.

  19. I’ve seen a few. I wouldn’t own that color, but I do like the fact it is different. It looks better in person…its really quite a nice color. A very smooth gold rather than a very metallicy-flaky gold as in the past. It seems 90% of all Lexus’ on the road are white, black or silver, so anything other than that always excites me.

  20. Yeah, I’m the same way, I distinctly remember seeing an ES 350 in Amber Pearl (with the panoramic glass roof) and just loving it.

  21. I just need to share it….I ordered my RX 350 2010 today….in truffle mica

  22. wow. cool. are you also on clublexus.com?

  23. Congrats, Johanne—be sure to let us know how you like it!

  24. I’m getting that way too - Truffle/Parchment. I’m also getting a Gold package added. Just that little touch and
    on that color, which is a Taupe-ish charcoal, the gold
    will make it look even richer

  25. no, I will checked that

  26. Would you say the cerulean blue looks the same as on the internet when you saw it in person?

  27. Hi Jane,

    Here’s a photo I took of the Cerulean Blue RX that I drove earlier this summer:


    I really liked the color, and it’s good for not showing dust or dirt.

  28. I just ordered an RX 450h in Smokey Granite Mica with the black interior. They told me its going to be at least three damn months, price of quality I guessn but I’m psyched. See ya guys!

  29. How would you compare negotiating the price of a vehicle already on the dealer’s lot and negotiating the price of a vehicle you personally ordered?

  30. I’m negotiating the ‘ordered’ version of RX450h—- leaning heavily toward truffle/black—- but I like black interior too (for dirt—- afraid of the ‘parchment’ for that and the light carpet—- uh oh—but it looks good too…).
    Anyway, I’m a member of Sams, Costco, and BJs.  I have contacted them all and am expecting quotes from them soon—- this week.  That should tell the tale.  I think that’s the best leverage I can come up with.  I’ve already been ‘warned’ by my nearby Lexus dealer that ordering takes a while, most of the money has to given to them up front, and it won’t be as heavily discounted.  We’ll see how they react to the club pricing I get (competition).  May the best deal win!

  31. I meant leaning toward truffle/parchment—- but I like black interior too, etc etc.

    BTW, feedback on those combos would be great—- especially anyone who has them.  I do work in the yard on the weekend sometimes and regularly run to Home Depot.  I don’t want to have to be parnoid about keeping the damn thing clean.  We have a Honda Odyssey with light tan interior and it looks horrible after the kids & life mess it up.  This vehicle won’t be abused this way, but I can’t rule out being dirty and needing to use it.  Is the parchment a headache?

  32. @Garrr: Best of luck to you—hope you get the deal you’re looking for! smile