Lexus IS-F: Wald Sports Line Black Bison Edition Body Kit

No matter how much I wished it, these official photos of Wald International’s Lexus IS-F Sports Line Black Bison Edition haven’t yet disappeared from the Internet, so I have little choice but to post them here:

Let’s get honest: the IS-F is not a vehicle that need any additional visual complexity, the stock look is loud almost to a fault. And while the front spoiler could be considered halfway decent, the piled on carbon-fiber spoiler and rear under-spoiler are just plain hard to look at.

Is this a kit meant exclusively for a black IS-F? Could you imagine this on combined with Ultrasonic Blue?

[Via: World Car Fans]



  1. I don’t like the front, but the back is totally sweet (though only if the car was totally modified to match the excessiveness of the kit- first step, that Royal muffler from a month or two ago!).

  2. The only nice bodykit on the ISF is the five-axis. the rest is indeed overdone.

  3. Overdone is exactly the right word.

  4. It looks a waaaay too sporty. Tone it down a bit and keep it simple and elegant. the rear and all that black just looks awful…not to mention the black vents on the side of the front bumper.

  5. i have this car.

  6. The tuned version above or stock?

  7. does anybody know how can i buy or order this body kit ? thankyou