2010 Lexus RX Colors

2010 Lexus RX Colors

Following the discovery of the Lexus IS-C colors, here are the hues of the upcoming 2010 RX:

  • Starfire Pearl
  • Smoky Granite Mica
  • Tungsten Pearl
  • Obsidian
  • Matador Red Mica
  • Golden Almond Metallic
  • Truffle Mica
  • Black Sapphire Pearl
  • Cerulean Blue Metallic
  • Parchment
  • Light Gray
  • Black
  • Wood: Dark Brown or Medium Brown Walnut

Smoky Granite Mica, Obsidian and Matador Red Mica are the only colors carried over from the previous generation, and for better or worse, this means Cerulean Blue Metallic won’t be an IS-C exclusive. (Still, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief that the RX doesn’t come in Ultrasonic Blue.)

(Thanks Jeff!)



  1. Has anyone visited http://www.luxuryawaits.com ?

    It’s sponsored by Lexus, just thought I’d share.

    Btw I’ll take my RX in Obsidian with the light gray interior smile

  2. Hey! Mind explaining what the website is about? From the looks of it, Alicia Keys’ and Lexus’ recent partnership seems pretty strong.

  3. which one is more black: Obsidian or Black Sapphire Pearl?

  4. Obsidian is true black; black sapphire is very dark blue.

  5. I believe it’s a new website, but yes Alicia Keys is the featured artist. I have yet to view all of the pages, however it looks like the site is about anything and everything luxury from fine dining to absolutely beautiful resorts to special events. And of course they have a little description of various Lexus models.

  6. Krew, I found another site on Lexus.jp

    Bottom Left Corner

    First Button- to change the package
    Second Button- to change the color
    Third Button- to change interior trim

    After selecting, click the top button on bottom left.
    If something appears press OK.
    The numbers are the pictures.

    It’s pretty useful.

  7. The car looks better here!
    Thank god!!!

  8. Honestly, all the vehicles look great on that website’s build-your-vehicle! The interiors look all bright and inviting although it does get pretty weird when you’re actually in the vehicle, and it is much tighter than that of the internet images’.

  9. Oh My God. It really looks good! Especially with the looks that i like the most (black exterior, black interior with wood trim, wood steering wheel and those S wheels). Gosh.

  10. What do you think of the Cerulean Blue Metallic and what color interior would look good with it?