Lexus Enform: The New In-Car Telematics Service

Lexus Enform Logo

Lexus has announced Lexus Enform, their replacement for Lexus Link in-car service. Referred to as a telematics service, this integrated system will be introduced with the new 2010 Lexus RX and adds a new layer of convenience and utility.

There are the expected features, outlined here:

  • Automatic Collision Notification (ACN): Safety Connect’s ACN will help drivers receive the necessary response from emergency teams. In the event of either an airbag deployment or a severe rear-end collision; the response center will be automatically notified via embedded cellular technology and GPS.
  • Stolen Vehicle Location (SVL): Safety Connect subscribers will be able to rely on an extra level of security in the event that their vehicle is stolen. If this should happen, Safety Connect will assist in tracking the location of the stolen vehicle using the vehicle’s GPS.
  • Emergency Assistance Button (SOS)All Safety Connect–enabled vehicles will come equipped with an SOS button, with the call center’s 24-hour emergency assistance only a press away.
  • Roadside Assistance: Call center agents will help drivers receive aid for a wide range of needs, such as towing, jump start, flat tire, fuel delivery, etc. With this service, drivers will not need to rely on additional membership organizations for roadside coverage to help them get back on the road.

On top of this, Lexus will also be offering some more unique services:

  • Destination Assist: Live-operator assistance with finding destinations will be just the press of a button away with Destination Assist. While either parked or driving, the driver will be able to easily connect to an operator to ask for help finding local points of interest from dining to gas stations, dry cleaners to museums.
  • eDestination: An expedient self-service feature of Lexus Enform is eDestination, which will allow the user to go online, via the Lexus owners’ Web site, to select and organize destinations of their choice and then send them wirelessly to their vehicle. The user can then simply select the destination of their choice and send it to a folder-creating a new one or inserting it into one they have already built. When finished making selections and creating folders, the user simply selects “save to vehicle” and their personalized destinations will be available to load into the vehicle’s navigation system upon the next start up.


There’s also new information on the Lexus voice command technology and a new podcasting service (!!!), but I’ll get to that in my next post. Let’s close this off with the full photo gallery:

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[Source: Lexus]



  1. Are the customers gonna be able to reach into the RX’s GPS display for convenient touchscreen use? I’m glad to hear the positive reviews on the RX’s new control ‘cause I’ve been using the Lexus touchscreen for more than a decade now…a little too used to it.

    lol…that little finger is popping out hither and thither.

  2. Available in selected countries only?

  3. Yeah, with the finger in these photos, I can only assume that it will work both ways.

  4. Trying to find out more about this for you, Pond. Will report back.

  5. Actually, it’s pretty clear the touchscreen is gone, there are reviews talking about the demise of the touchscreen on the next RX.  The picture is showing someone gesturing at the screen, or perhaps using a touchscreen NAVI on say an LS equipped with this Gen 6 Lexus NAVI.

  6. From what I’ve been told.. the screen is set further into the dash to prevent glare and in doing so is why they are using the mouse.  No touch screen, at least in the U.S. market. Should be a larger screen if I’m not mistaken.

  7. Yeah…now I remember from Edmunds’ review.

    Edmunds also said that the new system is cheaper to manufacture, which is quite self-explanatory.

  8. Of course—still, it’s pretty weird to have a finger in the promo shots when its replacing a touchscreen interface. A bit confusing.

  9. krew!i found that old lexus LS commercial with the
    champagne glasses!
    ure welcome LOL

  10. Yes, I’ve read this as well. I believe it was designed in this way to open up the front seating, and having to position the touchscreen so close to the driver probably impeded that.

  11. The new controller takes up so much space in the center console, that its displaced the gear selector to the dash, which in turn has compressed the center stack switchgear. Can anyone tell me if there is a PC like arrow cursor appearing on the screen when the Remote Touch is operated?

  12. I understand the roominess of this stand, and I also understand the unbalanced look of a huge nav screen, but from the looks of it, that thing is just small.

    I have a bad feeling that quite a few Lexus RX future owners are gonna complain about focusing between the road and the screen, which might also be ruined with the bright nav so close to the windshield. Hope that head-up display has an intuitive section for the GPS.

    Btw… I was confused by Edmund’s review. Is the Organic LED display in the new RX supposed to be something in the gauge cluster or is it the nav screen? Better be the nav screen…wonder if that helps with the screen’s brightness during nighttime.

  13. I don’t know if it’s an arrow, but you can see a hint of a white line at the bottom of most of the photos. I imagine that’s the cursor.

  14. From the RX 350 press kit:

    The new Rx 350 features the world's first white oLed (organic Light emitting diode) multi-information display. Located between the main instrument meters, the display ensures excellent readability from a wide angle, also allowing the front passenger to read the screen.

    Also, the HUD will show turn-by-turn navigation directions.

  15. Actually the new RX is not touch screen along with the new HS. It is all activated via Remote Touch.

  16. Yes there is a choice between a regular arrow cursor or a hand pointer.

  17. It will be available only in the United States at this time.

  18. Thanks for the heads up, Flipside909.