Lexus USA December 2008 Sales Report

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The sales for Lexus USA’s last month of 2008 are in, and it wasn’t exactly a December to Remember. Here are the model-by-model numbers:

2008 2007 % Change
IS250/350/F 3,539 5,651 -37.4
ES350 5,236 8,005 -34.6
GS350/460/450h 1,200 2,579 -53.5
SC430 116 348 -66.7
LS460/600h L 1,451 3,257 -55.4
Total Cars 11,542 19,840 -41.8
RX350/400h 9,932 11,835 -16.1
GX470 1,380 2,748 -49.8
LX570 508 132 284.8
Total Trucks 11,820 14,715 -19.7
Total Sales 23,362 34,555 -32.4

A couple things I noticed right away: sales of the LS are nervously low & sales of the RX are extremely high.

With the LS, my reaction is tempered because I know it’s the most expensive car in the lineup, but the design is less than two years old and sales are down sharply. It’s no wonder a facelift is expected this year, and the introduction of an LS-Sport (which I’ve had confirmed by A++ sources) makes a whole lot of sense. Something needs to be done.

Compare that with the RX, which saw the smallest drop despite the fact it’s being replaced by a brand-new model in February. There might have been some impetus to get rid of the outgoing RX’s, but the sales surprised me.

And how did Lexus do over the full year? That’s up next…

[Source: Lexus]



  1. Yes! ...a facelift for the LS, which isn’t very attractive from most perspectives and colors.
    ...a little boring in terms of design is another problem.
    The LS is the same old…good intentions, but um… “Ambitious, but rubbish” x]

    I hope that the facelift would be even more drastic than that of the previous generation, and hopefully, as much attention would be taken into account with the interior.

    ooo…the LS-Sport LOL

    The IS F doesn’t really need those fancy wing mirrors, but it does need new taillights (as usual, referring to looks). It’s probably best that it isn’t the same as that of the latest IS, however. More like…strips of LED in an aggressive form. Something like those of the LS’s taillights but rotated 180 degrees.

  2. The RX does surprisingly well in almost every month, but this december shows just how well the vehicle is made.

    cant wait to drive the new one…im sure its years ahead of the current one

  3. Yep, I thought they’d call it the LS-F but I’ve been corrected. wink

  4. Interesting, I wonder about the possibilities of a more performance tuned LS…between LS Touring / LS-Sport / LS-F…?  It would be nice to have another F model…

  5. I don’t understand it, myself. I would have thought for sure it would be the LS-F.  Can’t become the Japanese AMG with one model.

  6. I hope that Lexus were worried that giving the LS an F badge would denounce their product.
    Even worse, I hope that they weren’t planning to just make it more powerful with bits of structural or suspension adjustments to claim a 0-60 below 5 and as a substitute for the LS hybrid…

    Even worse-er is the idea that Lexus is confident enough to add an F version in addition.

    Hopefully, Lexus simply tunes the engine for the Sport and not make it too much of a price hike to make up for the loss in ride comfort with the stiffer suspension.

    For now, I’m just glad that Lexus is still thinking about giving its customers more variety…more options…which supposedly makes people happier.

  7. thanks for the 2008 sales numbers….it´s true the LS goes down a bit too much…but would a “F” model with a V10 engine “the right way” at the moment??