Custom Lexus IS-F Exhaust by Royal Muffler

Listen to this custom Lexus IS-F exhaust treatment from Royal Muffler, a company based out of California:

This design is unique among the current IS-F options as it’s using four race mufflers rather than the more typical muffler/resonator combination. According to Club Lexus, the price is $2,300, which includes install and lifetime warranty. Certainly on the pricy side, but it’s hard to argue the results.

[Via: Luxvelocity]



  1. *sigh* If the fuel prices in Europe stay as low as they are now, I am getting an IS-F next year!

  2. cool,
    i m thinking to have one IS-F this new year,
    The design is awesome

  3. Well, I wouldn’t count on that, but I still think you should get an IS-F. wink