Lexus Wallpaper of the Week: LS Generations

Welcome to a new feature here at TPP, the Wallpaper of the Week! From now on, every Wednesday will bring a brand new desktop image from every era of Lexus, from the ES 250 right down to the LF-A, and everything in between.

This first edition, which stands as one of my favorite desktop images of all time, is a visual progression through each Lexus LS model:

Lexus LS Generations Wallpaper

This desktop is pitch-perfect, right down to the dark-to-light paint colors. I love the sense of continuity, though it also illustrates just how radical the change from the LS 430 to the LS 460 really was.




  1. Very nice…

  2. Great!
    The highest resolution is the exact size of my computer’s display! LOL

  3. Thanks!

  4. Yeah, I remembered that from before. wink

  5. Thank you!

  6. Awesome. It is a nice little progression smile

  7. I like it, keep em’ coming!

  8. Seeing the visual progression of the LS series seems to highlight just how out of place the LS 430 looks. It’s almost as if it was a placeholder.

  9. A great picture of the progression of the LS. I really want to see an ES version and it’s progression.

  10. It’s funny, as the owner of a ‘94 LS, all I’ve wanted for years was a 2004 LS 430. Now, with a new car on schedule this year, I don’t know…

  11. I don’t think there’s enough pixels for an ES version. wink