Behind-the-Scenes of a New Lexus Commercial

Photographer Kyle Wong was on his way to Los Angeles’ MOCA Museum when he came across the filming of a Lexus commercial. Here’s a couple action shots:

Lexus Commercial in Los Angeles

Lexus Commercial in Los Angeles

Anyone want to hazard a guess to what models these flying cars might be? Looks like a pair of GS’ to me.

[Via: Flickr]



  1. I say GS since their sales have been pretty slow maybe they will start advertising for it

  2. Very good point. The turnaround on these commercials seems really quick, so I’m sure we’ll know in the next month or so.

  3. The only thing I want to know is if he’s a photographer, how come he couldn’t zoom in a bit?

  4. Maybe we can get the high res pics of him? that way we could find out what cars they are.

  5. Great idea!

  6. because it’s a fixed fisheye lens, smarty guy.

    besides, i didn’t take the pictures hoping they would be up for discussion about “what cars they are”.

    and i am a photographer, here’s my website:

    enjoy yourself.

  7. :oops:

  8. I think it’s the new Hybrid coming in September…judging on wheelbase distance and taillights.  Also, it takes 10 days to re-tool Cambridge plant.

  9. Just giving you some crap. I was by no means taking a shot at you as a photographer.

  10. im gonna say its the HS

  11. It’s possible, but I don’t know if Lexus would show the HS in public before unveiling it at the Detroit Auto Show.

  12. ya that’s true krew, they probably wouldn’t.but i can’t stop wondering why the silver car in the bottom picture looks like an 07 accord?

  13. I’m sure we’ll know soon enough.

  14. haha know we know its the RX i can actually see it in front of the orange trunk, you can see the rear window

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  16. @LEXUSaddict: LOL I just noticed that after reviewing the pictures that I saved. I was like… why were we looking up there when the car was on the ground throughout the entire commercial. When I looked in front of the orange trunk, I just couldn’t stop laughing! There is also another picture of the RX clearly on the ground, and we were all looking up! Apparently, we can’t look up to heaven for everything LOL