Lexus December to Remember 2008 Commercials

You knew it was coming — Lexus kicks offer their annual December to Remember event in the US with their Red Bow commercials. Have no fear, this year’s crop is especially excellent:

Very well done.

Given the economic climate and overall auto market meltdown, it’s no surprise that a slightly different tact was taken. Getting a car for Christmas is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people, and these commercials capture that feeling with great success (though I think they should have substituted an IS-F for that ES).



  1. lol…yeah…the Big Wheel one should have been about the IS F

    Funny how these commercials are so…touchy
    Lexus are the best when it comes to commercials (Team One, esp.), even when it comes to discount marketing, or however you’re supposed to call it wink

  2. I work for a lexus dealer and have been told the fourth vehicle will be the new GX

  3. Yeah, people are very delicate about these commercials, I think a lot of people find the idea of getting a car for Christmas offensive.