Five Axis Lexus Project GS Unveiled

The eagerly awaited Project GS by Five Axis has been unveiled, and it’s quite handedly the best looking GS I’ve ever seen. Just take a minute and click through each of these images to get an up-close-and-personal look:

Five Axis Lexus Project GS

Five Axis Lexus Project GS

Five Axis Lexus Project GS

From the extensive widebody conversion right down to the Five:AD R5:F onyx rims, the Project GS hits all the right notes, so much that I barely notice the orange accents — and when I do notice them, they look good…You know what, I love this concept so much I’m going on a photo hunt. More soon.

Click through for a full modification list.

Update: I found some desktop-size images of the Project GS, check out the added gallery.


• Five Axis widebody conversion

• PPG custom formulated Satin Titanium Pearl paint by Five Axis with onyx and papaya accents


• Custom fabricated exhaust with dual finishers by Five Axis


• FIVE:AD ONYX R5:F alloy wheels

o Front:  20×8.5”, ET25

o Rear:  20×10.5”, ET22


• Yokohama Advan concept tires with tread design by Five Axis

o Front:  245/30- ZR20

o Rear:  295/25-ZR20


• Sport shocks

• Performance lowering springs


• High-Performance Big Brake Kit – Front

o 355mm x 32mm rotors

o Six-piston opposed, 2- piece fixed, bolt-in-bridge caliper

• High-Performance Big Brake Kit – Rear

o 345mm x 28mm rotors

o Four-piston opposed, fixed, bolt-in-bridge caliper



  1. has mad potential, not sure if I agree with everything that was carried out, but it sure looks awesome in these pics!

  2. That looks pretty damn awesome!

  3. how can i get this bodykit? whole thing

  4. Ugly as hell and still won’t be able to compete with BMW or MB.
    The IS-F is a dissapointment in sales and performance and this JC Whitney styled Lexus model #2 will follow.
    Lexus should stay in the luxury segment,where it excells.

  5. Dear Jerry, every BMW or MB for me is ugly as hell. Quality sucks and the Design is awfully boring. Only Audis Design is even worse.
    This is a blog for Lexus Enthusiasts. Not for MB or BMW Fanboys.

    Greetings from Bella Italia

  6. Hey *****,I own two Lexus vehicles.
    One is a ‘08 GS 350.
    I call it the rattle box.

  7. @Jerry: I’ve edited your comment. Please refrain from that type of language in the future, or find another site to post on.

  8. LEXUSaddict will soon become LFAaddict

    three words…ruff ruff ruff!! throw me a bone