Lexus Global Sales Slipping

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Responding to a report that Toyota may be unable to achieve its projected global sales target, Senior Managing Director Yoichiro Ichimaru shared some details about the current state of Lexus sales worldwide.

According to Market Watch:

…[Toyota] will open a showroom in Tokyo for its upscale Lexus brand vehicles that is designed to draw in customers from countries outside of Japan.

At the new showroom, located in the center of one of Japan’s fashion districts, the company will offer services to explain Lexus products and Japanese traffic rules in English and other languages.

Lexus is currently struggling to boost sales of its luxury vehicles with sales for the first nine months of this year falling 25% from the same term last year.

Due to the brand’s reliance on the American market, the 25% drop in global sales is understandable, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking. Certainly, the number one focus for Lexus management has to be increasing the profile in Europe, if only to insure that similar drops don’t occur in the future.



  1. I recently dumped my 2006 300 GS as a result of poor quality. From the very beginning I began to realize that what I had bought wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. My Lexus experience was more of a rude awakeining.

    Several attempts were made to allow Lexus to correct the issues, which finally netted no result and a shrug of the shoulders from the dealership. They just gave up.

    Constant dashboard noises, rattles and creeks. Same with the driver side door.

    Transmission jerks when entering into or leaving 1st gear (felt like you were rear ended).

    Moon roof problems leading to the sound of air blowing in. You could not drive with the headliner back because it was too noisy.

    Moon roof rattled when you shut the door.

    Exhaust system rattled during start up as if it weren’t secured to the car.

    Stereo system would just shut off on it’s own while driving.

    I now own a 528i and love it. My advice is to stay as far away from Lexus as possible. I could have bought a car with all those problems for about 35K less than what I paid for that pile of crap.