Lexus & The Global Brand Study 2008

Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands study has been completed, and Lexus has ranked 90th overall, and 10th among automotive brands:

Lexus placement in Global Brand Study

When compared to last year’s study, Lexus is moving up the ladder, climbing two spots. The value of the brand, calculated from combination of analysts’ projections, company financial documents, and qualitative and quantitative analysis stands at $3.588 billion, up from $3.354 billion. The automotive brands ranked as follows:

  • 1. Toyota – $34B
  • 2. Mercedes-Benz – $25.6B
  • 3. BMW – $23.3B
  • 4. Honda – $19.1B
  • 5. Ford – $7.9B
  • 6. Volkswagen – $7B
  • 7. Audi – $5.4B
  • 8. Hyundai – $4.8B
  • 9. Porsche – $4.6B
  • 10. Lexus – $3.6B

[Source: Interbrand]



  1. Lexus moves up a few places this year, good…I wonder what the profit margins etc. are for Lexus, although that info is not public.  The brand equity went up to $3.6 billion…

    There was also a UK study recently on branding and a similar ranking, Lexus cracked the top 100 UK brands this year.