Lexus Future Forecasting

Automotive News has published a report detailing what seems to be Lexus’ entire future manufacturing plans, though it’s unclear as to the source of this information. Regardless, allow me to summarize:

  • The LF-A, or the “LF-1″ as its referred to in the article, has been pushed back yet again due to the performance-to-cost ratio and the slumping global economy. The supercar is now looking at a 2010 release, which means there will be a need for significant restyling on top of the performance reworking.
  • The rumored GS-F has been put on hold due to the economy and rising concern about oil prices. The GS is expected to be redesigned in 2011.
  • The non-hybrid LS 460 will be getting AWD as an option in 2010, with a redesign following in 2013.
  • The dedicated hybrid getting so much press will indeed be different from the Toyota Prius, though it will be a small 4-cylinder sedan. It’s expected to be released in early 2010.
  • The ES will be redesigned for 2011, and will be offered with the hybrid engine currently in the RX 400h.
  • There will be a RAV4-sized Lexus offered in Europe & Japan, and will be brought to North America in 2013.
  • Next year will see the introduction of the new RX, and with RX 430h, RX 440h and RX 450h recently trademarked by Lexus, it looks as though the hybrid version will be getting more power. No third row will be offered.
  • The 4Runner-based GX may be replaced by seven-seat crossover built on the GS platform, depending on consumer SUV demand.

If that seems like a lot of information to process, that’s because it is. It’ll take some time to process, but it really seems like Lexus is slowing down the pace. It’s possible there’s a wait-and-see position as the company watches how the new RX and coupe/convertible IS are received. There’s obviously some fairly extensive re-evaluating happening…

[Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)] (Thanks Jarrett!)



  1. Sounds like a plan.
    The LF-A should come out WITHOUT style changes!  Looks great. If they want more performance, so be it, but the cr really won’t be cross-shopped with NSX, or GT-R.
    Why 3 RX hybrids?  I can see two, on for performance, one for FE.
    The IS needs a new base engine.
    The HPX needs to be built for the GX, pronto!

  2. Interesting news. The small SUV is welcomed in Europe. About the dedicated hybrid, what does “small” mean? Prius size or smaller? And if it’s going to be a sedan, how much will it cannibalize the IS?

    IMO the GS-F didn’t make that much sense anyway, better to spend the top-performance effort on more agile vehicles.

  3. I doubt there will be 3 RXh’s…rather, Lexus probably trademarked all 3 names to (a) prevent others from taking a similar name and (b) to keep rivals guessing as to what displacement the next hybrid RX will actually have.

  4. DrFill: I agree with Dan, it’s probably some subterfuge, the RX 400h is definitely the #1 Lexus moving forward due to its sales, and it’s best to have the competitors guessing. Totally agree with you about the LF-A.

    Pond: With Mercedes bringing the A-Class over to North America and the 1-Series doing so well, I’m starting to think the new hybrid will be something in that size-range. At least, that’s my hope.

  5. that sucks..they’re getting rid of the GX…I was hoping they’d redesign it and make it bigger. I’ve seen that HPX..freaking ugly