Hilarious Lexus IS-F Commercial with James Sloyan

This commercial featuring perpetual Lexus voice actor James Sloyan in the passenger seat of an IS-F as Scott Pruett takes a lap around the track is just about perfect:

This is a definite payoff for using the same voice actor since the very first commercials.

(Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what James is saying right there at the end?)



  1. video no longer available sad

  2. I’ve updated it with a Daily Motion video.

  3. now thats a commercial smile

  4. I think he is trying to say something about the leather tipped shift knob.  Hilarious!

  5. leather trimmed shift-knob lol then he says it again wen the IS stops except in a more radical way lol.

  6. he has the most luxuriously sounding voice. no wonder lexus has used him over the years.  he can’t be replaced.  when people here his voice, they think “lexus”.

  7. that traitor…of all the cars he could have gone to he chooses mitsubishi…