Flickr Find: Pink Lexus SC, San Fran Style

There must be something special about crazy Lexus SC’s in the Bay Area, because San Francisco resident Kristie Wells spotted another variation on what seems to be a local phenomenon:

Pink Lexus SC

I don’t know what astonishes me more, that there would be three strikingly similar cars all within a 100 mile radius, or that a photo of each car somehow made it onto the Internet independently of its owner.



  1. These people ought to get shoot and banned from ever buying a Lexus ever again…

  2. Stop Hatin! U must not have a clean ass car.

  3. And yo punk ass need to learn how to spell before you start hatin. Its Shot not “shoot” dumb ass.

  4. There are so many more than three. I spotted a new one (to me) yesterday and it got me wondering if there were photos of these on the net yet. I may make it a mission to photograph them all. The one with all the little logos is often in my neighborhood, and I’ve seen the other two. There are at least three more that I know of. They are the most hilariously hideous things around, and we love spotting them when we have out of towners with us.