Video Review of the 1992 Lexus ES 300

Looks like someone’s breaking into their old VHS collection, as Youtube user bajabusta has been steadily posting old segments from Motorweek. First there was the Lexus ES 250 vs. Infiniti M30 footage, and now it’s a review of the newly introduced 1992 ES 300:

I always get a kick of these back-in-the-day TV segments, they really paint a great picture as to just how the car was actually perceived at its release. I was interested to see that the ES 300 had the manual 5-speed transmission, which was only available in that first year. Also, the video’s worth watching just for the slalom test, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ES 300 move like that.



  1. Great find!!  I remember sitting in the second gen ES at a Lexus dealership way back then. 

    It’s also great that the Youtube vid is available in higher-res, just adding “&fmt=18” to th url does it.

  2. Brian “LLCoolPass” P.

    Yo, I have ‘93, it looks the same, has not a single difference from the one in that test

    So, you’re wrong, 5speed is also on USA 1993 es300 and 1993 Es300 and has all options [other than automatic trans]

    Check out my vids [llcoolpass on youtube]

    I’m also on same name