Is the Lexus LF-A going to cost over $200,000?

Lexus LF-A

Big LF-A news today, as Edmund’s Inside Line has sleuthed out a possible price on the Lexus supercar:

With an estimated 500 horsepower coming from the LF-A’s 5.0-liter V10, we didn’t expect the Lexus to come cheap, but Inside Line has learned that the car will carry a price tag over $200,000.

Ben Mitchell, corporate product planning manager for Lexus, confirmed that the price of the carbon-fiber supercar “will begin with a two.” And another Lexus source in Japan told Inside Line the price may be as high as $225,000.

First off, one interesting thing about this article is that the quote from Ben Mitchell has been removed since being published, with no explanation. I found it very surprising that anyone from Lexus would comment on the price, and it looks there’s been some damage control initiated.

As for the potential price, I don’t quite understand it. It may compete performance-wise with the cars in this segment, but it doesn’t follow Lexus’ standard procedure of offering more for less. My feeling is that if this number is accurate, there’s going to be something very special about this car.



  1. Hmm, very interesting and watchful observation on the scrubbing of the Lexus Product Manager reference.  I haven’t seen that bit noted on any of the other general auto news sites which picked up this story.  Perhaps they misquoted, or the “starts with 2” statement was off the record? 

    Anyhow, there were earlier rumors in the high $170K+ range, so $200K is around there.  It seems ambitious for Lexus, but I guess it all depends on how good the product is.  This is the second F-marque car for Lexus, and the IS-F was priced quite close to its competition.

  2. edmunds hates lexus for some reason. if lexus tries to sell this at $200,000, it will only sell 5 a year