Hybrids Dominating Lexus Europe Sales

Lexus Hybrids

While Lexus may need a huge advertising campaign to bring awareness to their hybrid model range in the US, it couldn’t be any different in Europe, where hybrids are accounting for a major percentage of vehicles sold.

In 2007, 38% of all Lexus sales in Eastern Europe were hybrids, up from 26% in 2006, and it’s even more impressive when broken down model by model. Hybrids made up 86% (!!) of the total RX sales and 55% of all GS sales. And even with its mid-year introduction, 56% of LS sales were for the LS 600h.

As a point of comparison, only 17% of RX sales and 10% of LS sales in the US were hybrids, though the LS is a special case, as the non-longwheelbase version of the LS 600h is available in Europe.

[Source: Autoblog Green]


  1. europe sales will go on.....
  2. I was considering hauling a camping trailer with my 2010 Lexus RX450h and was interested in talking with others who may have had this experience please?
  3. How big is the price differential for Lexus hybrids in Europe compared to the US?