Lexus IS Convertible Spotted

Lexus IS Convertible

A Lexus IS convertible coupe has been spotted out in the wild, and was photographed by an unnamed German magazine. Here’s a blown-up image, for a better look:

Lexus IS-F Convertible Closeup

As for the accompanying text, there’s some horsepower number ranging from 177 to 423, which translates right across the entire IS lineup, from the 220d to the IS-F. There’s also mention of a 2009 release, and if that’s true, it means there’s plenty more information coming down the pipeline very shortly.

[Source: Club Lexus]



  1. Hardtop, from the looks of it?? Rumors were that originally a softtop model was planned and tested but did not pass final product review…redone as a hardtop instead. And a regular coupe…?

  2. Lexus is way behind in the compact coupe sector, don't know what took them so long.

  3. Could this be a refresh IS the IS has been on the market for a long time. Maybe it is the next gen IS and GS platform under it

  4. Dan: The text does mention a hardtop, and I'd say from the photo that's the case. It would stand to reason that a full coupe would be offered, as well, which I find much more interesting, personally.

    kev: Development @ Lexus seems to happen at a glacial pace, with the exception of the IS-F, and even that took its time with release. It's too bad, makes it hard to keep up with competitors.

    Jarrett: I'd say the current IS design has another couple years, if it follows the standard five-year product cycle.

  5. Will the SC coupe/convertible change in 2009?

  6. @rpcarroll: No changes for the Lexus SC in 2009, here’s some more information.

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    That’s interesting. I was looking forward to a soft top IS. But this hard top looks good as it is. I can’t wait till they finally release this baby.