Stretch Lexus LX 470 Limo

Stretch Lexus LX 470 Limo

I always get a kick out of limousine conversions, and this 2004 Lexus LX 470 is no exception, if only because of its entirely mammoth size. Currently for sale on Ebay, this mega-limo is a full 200″ long, with room for eighteen people.

I’d just like to know what they did to the inside roof, is that mirrors?



  1. LOve the interior design… so luxurious!

  2. The Lexus LX 470 received a handful of equipment changes after its 1998 debut. If you’re shopping for a used one, the best years to look at are 2003 and up. During the ‘03 model year, the LX switched from a four-speed automatic transmission to the five-speed, while picking up front-seat side airbags and first- and second-row side curtain airbags.

  3. @cindy jada:
    PLUS A BETTER LOOKING DASH! I know ‘cause I purchased one when comparing an ‘02 and a fresh ‘03 on the lot at night, which wasn’t easy at first.

    Now about your spam… I see an S-class prominently displayed.
    - You’re in the wrong crowd, my man.
    You’re in the LA area, so that’s an up for me and a few others.
    - But your video on YouTube shows a very unhappy customer leaving two comments of complaint, followed by three comments - from two commentors sharing words verbatim for two of the three comments, all from the same month - probably about the related to the same situation. hmm…

  4. los cabo photographer

    lovely limo..i just love it…

  5. los cabo photographer

    i want to hire this limo...this limo is just too sexy…

  6. A 2004 Lexus LX 470 is one of the most luxurious cars today. I wonder if there’s a Lexus in atlantic city limousine service for hire…