1996 Lexus LX 450 Commercial with a Surprise Twist

It turns out the IS-F isn’t the first time Lexus has marketed a vehicle as the opposite of what you’d expect from the company, take a listen to the tagline of this 1996 LX 450 commercial:

“It’s everything a Lexus is, and everything a Lexus isn’t.” sounds pretty close to the IS-F’s “Everything you thought we weren’t” tagline.

(Perhaps Lexus should consider an off-shoot brand and just make the opposite of every car in their lineup.)



  1. Yeah, it’s pretty neat…another ad in that 1996 campaign had the LX 450 climbing over cars in a traffic jam, IIRC.  I think there’s a common theme, a shared history through Lexus ads then and now, probably because Team One has done most or all of them.  And it does speak to the fact that Lexus vehicles have a pretty defined, quality luxury image, which the LX did break away from when it was introduced as the first Lexus luxury utility vehicle, and which the IS-F is doing as the first Lexus premium sport branded vehicle.

  2. For sure, it definitely works in both instances.